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HyunA’s Play on Words and Props in ‘Red’

So, many fans might be confused as to why the video of “Red” by 4Minute‘s HyunA has so many monkeys and bananas in it. Not the red of course, its the title of the song of course there’s gonna be red.

But what does it all mean? I’m gonna be straight with you, not gonna get all philosophical or whatever.

The chorus is a play on an old Korean children’s rhyme.

The rhyme goes:


“The monkey’s butt is red.
The thing that is red is an apple.
Apples are delicious.
The thing that is delicious is a banana.
Bananas are long.
The thing that is long is a train.
Trains are fast.
The thing that is fast is an airplane.
Airplanes are high.
That thing that is high is Baek Du Mountain.”  

But instead of ‘apple,’ they replace it with ‘HyunA’ and leave ‘delicious’ out, but those in Korea or who know the rhyme will have filled in that blank, and thus, a very clever sexual innuendo.

Bravo, Cube.

And that’s it.



3 thoughts on “HyunA’s Play on Words and Props in ‘Red’

  1. I believe that you mean they replace the apple, not the banana. because red things are apples, and bananas are not red.


    1. Yes, it’s sexual inuendo, monkey’s butt is red, red is apple, apple is delicious. When korean hear Hyuna’s lyric “monkey’s butt is red, red is Hyuna, Hyuna is …”, they will remember that children song, and the word delicious/tasty will pop out on their mind. Too bad that non korean don’t understand it.


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