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Worst K-Pop Songs Chosen By YOU Followers

Alright, so remember my Top 12 Worst K-Pop Songs list? I finally remembered to make yours! Now remember: YOU GUYS voted for these. It’s not a ‘top 12,’ but it’s what you guys submitted.

These videos are listed in no particular order

#1 Crayon Pop‘s “Bar Bar Bar


#2 AOA‘s “Mini Skirt


#3 Boys Repulic‘s “Video Game


Someone had put Topp Dogg in this request, and I was thrown off. I’m a ToppClass, and I’ve never heard of the song. That’s because it’s from Boys Republic, whom I’ve listened to maybe once.

They also mentioned the live performance from “Music Bank,” which is why there is a live performance instead of a music video.


#4 2PM‘s “10 Out of 10


#5 MBLAQOh Yeah


#6 BESTie‘s “Thank You Very Much


And last but not least…

#7 EXO’s “Wolf


If you didn’t vote, you can still voice your opinion! What is YOUR worst K-Pop song? Comment below!


One thought on “Worst K-Pop Songs Chosen By YOU Followers

  1. By far, the worst kpop song has to be hyuna’s version of gangnam style. My friend imitates voices does the chorus sometimes just to annoy the crap out of me.


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