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HyunA’s ‘Red’ Is Perfection

Oh, my goodness. HyunA, CAN YOU NOT? Her music video for her solo comeback “Red” just dropped and I swear, this is one of the best solo comebacks from idol groups that I’ve seen thus far this summer.

HyunA’s raps, are MAGNIFICENT! I’m not even exaggerating. Her sing-song rapping could use some work, but her straight up rapping is great.

The lyrics to her song are based on a children’s rhyme from Korea, which I shall go into more detail tomorrow, seeing as its late and I have to work.

I need sleep. HyunA eonnie, WHY WON’T YOU LET ME SLEEP????

The dance break is off the chain, though I do see a similarity with Katy Perry‘s “Black Horse,” the Egyptian-esque set and all. But other than that, oh my goodness!

This music video. This song yo. I can’t even.

Watch the music video here:


She does end up shirtless with a monkey at the end, but I question nothing. Not the monkeys and apes or giant bananas or lipstick. Nothing. Because I am tired, and compared to “Ice Cream,” this video is quite tame.

That is all.

The single will be dropped at a later time.






Source: 4Minute YouTube


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