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A.KOR Release ‘Pay Day’ MV & I’m Very Disappointed

A.KOR, now three members with the addition of Ji Young. BUT the official Facebook page says there might be 5 0r 6 members, and the next member will be revealed in September. So I guess you could kinda sorta classify this as their sub-unit debut single seeing as how the group isn’t complete as of yet…?


The point is, A.KOR has been releasing dope mixtapes of hip hop and I was loving it. Was. Recognize how I used past tense? Yeah. See, I watched the music video for “Pay Day,” and I’m really disappointed.

I was really excited because i was like, ‘yes, a girl group like EvoL,’ maybe. EvoL came out strong with “We Are A Bit Different,” which was definitely hip hop with pop elements, seeing as how they are an idol group (now they’ve more or less become a pop group, but you see where I’m going with this?). But this was straight up pop. Yes, their rapping is good, but this isn’t hip hop.

I consider Tasha and Gilme hip hop. Tymee and Jolly V are hip hop. This is K-Pop with rap parts thrown in.

This kind of marketing just irks me cuz everything seemed so straight and solid at first, and now I’m really disappointed. Korea HAS real rappers: Tash, Gilme, Tymee, Jolly V, Outsider, Illinit, MC Sniper, the list goes on. I could go on for hours honestly, but the point is, they shouldn’t advertise a hip hop group if they are going to pull a pop song out their asses.

I’m sorry, I’m just so disappointed. I had such high hopes for this group, and it’s LU:KUS all over again!

The song is okay as a K-Pop song, but it is NOT hip hop. I hope their next single is better. I assume the preview at the end is for the next single.

Watch the music video here:


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Source: republic doo YouTube


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