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My Interview With Nat

Recently, I interviewed the recently debuted singer Nat, of Purple Pine Entertainment. A company with a small name, but big talent. Nat’s vocals are beautiful, and I believe, she is quite underestimated. She recently released her debut single, “Give Me Love.”

Thank you to Nat and PP Ent. for this wonderful opportunity!

On to the interview!

Do you think you have a specific style (of singing) and how would you describe it?

“Give Me Love” is a trendy sound feature of Pop, R&B style song. I think that describes it perfectly. 

What genres would you like to explore?

I want to do a variety of music.

How was it to perform your single live for the first time?

I haven’t sung my own music live on the stage yet. 

What inspired you to start a singing career?

Mariah Carey, and my mentor. I have loved to sing in front of many people since I was young.

If there was an artist out there you could collaborate with, who would it be?

In Korea, all singers and whoever would want to work with us. 

Do you have any other interests besides singing (maybe hobbies or other career paths like acting?

My hobby is to play the guitar. 

What was the last concert you attended as an audience member?

The last concert I saw was a Lee Seung-chul concert.

Who do you fangirl (who are you a fan of) over most?

There is no one yet that have impressed me that much as a fan.

Could you say something to your international fans?

Hello, I am a new singer. I will try to work hard and give you good music. I ask for your support.  


Check out her debut single here:


Like the single? Buy it on iTunes!

Visit Purple Pine’s official YouTube for more great music, and follow them on Google+!

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