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Friday Flicks: Glasslip

I have been waiting for “Glasslip” to come out for like EVEEEER! I’ve never really watched a slice-of-life anime, it’s usually just magic or something like that. But the animation was so BEAUTIFUL! It got my attention right away.

Title: Glasslip

Year: 2014

Genre: Slice of Life

Country of Origin: Japan

Synopsis: [As provided by Crunchyroll] Toko Fukami‘s family runs a glassware craft studio. Toko and her friends often gather at Cafe Kazemichi, at her friend’s house, to relax. During the summer holidays in their final year, a new boy, Kakeru Okikura, joins their high school. He tells Toko that he can hear voices from the future. If she could know what happens in the future, what would she wish for? Toko feels a strange jolting sensation she has never felt before, while noticing an urge she cannot ignore welling up.


Well…GoBaino made it SEEM normal when I look back at the article…oh well. It’s cute and the animation is just beautiful!

The show is simulcasted ever Thursday at 10 AM. This anime is brought to you by Show Gate, who also brought you animes like “AMNESIA,” “ARGEVOLLEN,” “Ano Natsu de Matteru,” and “Arpeggio of Blue Steel.”

You can watch it with English subtitles at Crunchyroll!

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