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Worldwide Wednesday: Karma

I stumbled upon this boy band long ago, when I first got into K-Pop.  But this is an American boy band! They had disbanded long before I got to them, but they were pretty good.

NLT consisted of members Travis, Justin, Kevin and Vahe. Their group name stood for “Not Like Them.” They were active in 2003, but didn’t debut until 2007 and disbanded in 2009.

The group debuted with their single, “That Girl,” and went on to work with big names such as The PussyCat Dolls (opened for them), their song “Heartburn” was produced by The Underdogs, and was included in the animated film, “Bratz: The Movie.” Their second single, “She Said, I Said (Time We Let Go)” was produced by Timbaland.

In 2008 they participated in the “Bandemonium” tour with Menudo and VFactory. Sadly, this was a flop. They released their single “Karma” that year, and were planning on releasing their debut album.

However, the release date was pushed back, and was never released as the group disbanded the next year.

As far as post-boy band goes, you might recognize Kevin if you’re a Gleek. He plays Artie Abrams on “Glee.” Members Vahe and Travis went solo and released their projects, Travis debuted his single “Believe” in 2010 on “American Idol,” and Vahe has released a free album and single on his website. Member Justin joined the boy band One Call.

My first song by NLT was “Karma,” and no, I did not realize that Kevin was in the band at the time. Now I feel dumb, because I LOVE Glee. But anywho, the other video I’ll show you is their debut single, “That Girl.”



Like NLT? Buy their stuff on iTunes!


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