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Random Music Monday: SMASH vs SM*SH

Oh, and it is the battle of the boy bands! Both with the same name, both from different countries!

SMASH is from Korea, formed in 2008 and consisting of six members: Segye, JerryNaruHanbangHero, and Cheonwoo. They debuted in 2008 with their single, “Emergency” from their debut mini album, “Open Fire.”

In 2010, they came back on the scene to make a Japanese debut. A little before that, member Cheonwoo left the group, and since then, the group has continued on without any more member changes.

During 2011-2010 the group focused on Japanese activities, releasing a full length album, “AIR SM☆SH 1” and five singles.

In 2012, they made a Korean comeback with the mini album, “지킬께.”

Watch the music videos for “Emergency” and “지킬께”



Fun fact: Segye was a member of D.BACE before he joined SMASH.



Next up is Indonesian boy band, SM*SH. The group consisted of members Rafael, Rangga, Bisma, Dicky, Reza, Ilham and Morgan. SM*SH grew so popular that they set off the boy band trend in Indonesia.

In 2010 before their debut, they appeared in one of Cinta Laura‘s music videos as back up dancers, and released their debut single, “I Heart You.” Which by the way, plagiarizes 1TYM‘s “Without You


Anywho, In 2011, they released their second single, “Senyum Semangat” along with two other singles. In 2012 they released “Pahat Hati.”

Last year in 2013, member Morgan left and pursued an acting career. The group released several singles, 3 altogether. The last of which, “Hello Hello” featured the singer Stacey.

Here are the music videos for “I Heart You” and “Senyum Semangat”








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