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Play the Siren Release ‘Dream Drive’ MV Featuring Luna of f(x)

More like Luna feat. Play the Siren. Actually quite annoyed with this song. I’ve heard Play the Siren before. They’re HIP HOP. This is K-Pop. What the fuck, SM?

For those of you who didn’t know, like Woolim, Baljunso is a subsidiary of SM. Which is why Luna of f(x) is in the music video and singing over 90% of the song.

I came here for Kasper, and I got Luna. Now I have nothing against f(x) (did you SEE me fangirl over ‘Red Light‘?) but as a FEATURING artist she should not be singing the majority of the song.

Kasper and her crew should be the main focus, not Luna every five seconds. SM putting Luna all up in PTS’s business actually turned me off. I don’t really like the song. It’s too poppy, and there’s not enough KASPER and too much Luna.

Watch the music video here:


The song is from their debut album of the same name. Get it on iTunes!

Like Play the Siren?






Source: Baljunso YouTube


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