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Throwback Thurdsay: D.BACE

D.BACE was a hip hop group that debuted in 2001 with their album, “D.Bace Vol. 1” and the single, “모든것을 너에게.” The group consisted of five members: Gim Hwan Ho, Song Ji Hyun, Jed, Nam Hyeon Jun and Oh Su Ahn. That year, they won the KMTV award for Best Rookie (Group) of The Year.

In 2003, they released their second album, “The Return Vol. 2.” The lead single, “Go” did poorly to generate the group any sort of hype or popularity.

The group went on hiatus after member Oh Su Ahn left the group to pursue an acting career. After three years of being in the group, member Jed also left, and in 2007 made his solo debut.

The group got back together in 2008 and released their first independent single, “Season 2,” minus member Nam Hyeon Jun, who left the group that year and joined the boy band SMASH.

The last activity the band has done together was their second single, “Season III” back in 2010.

Today I shall showcase their music videos, since they only have 4.

The first is their debut single, “모든것을 너에게,” the next is “Go,” after that is their song, “연인” for the movie, “위대한 유산,” and last but not least is “Somebody (feat. PSY).”





As obscure as this group seems, they have their debut album on iTunes! Hooray!

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