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Sistar Bring The Heat With ‘Touch My Body’

SISTAR are back with a vengeance, hitting the scene with their own summer single, “Touch My Body,” which is fun, sweet and sexy!

I like this song a lot better than “Loving U,” their last summer single. This one has a strong beat, and isn’t as cutesy as that one.

I like the choreography, and when they’re dancing in a club, it’s FULL of people. I like it when they interact with the outside world. Anyway, the choreography is sexy, and I find their bum slapping dance funny.

Watch the music video here:


The song has not been released yet.




StarshipTV YouTube




Source: StarshipTV YouTube

2 thoughts on “Sistar Bring The Heat With ‘Touch My Body’

  1. Song is very generic but I appreciate Bora and Soyu more. It’s a nice concept for the summer. That horse butt kicking dance was awkward and should not have been in the choreography. Ugh.

    Long time no see, hope you’ll continue to check out my blog posts at http://nynyonline.co.uk I need to come back and visit yours, I see that you’ve been posting a bit!


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