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Infinite are ‘Back’ and Kicking Ass In New MV

Well…more like eating dirt. Infinite have released the music video for “Back,” and the plot…well, it reminded me of EXO‘s “Wolf” MV.


1) they both go to save a girl

2) they’re fighting in a warehouse

3) both left on cliffhangers

So I’m really hoping that there’s a part 2 for this, or a drama version with a definite ending.

The song is more than magnificent, I mean, hello, it’s Infinite. It starts out slowly, making me think it’s a ballad, but when the first verse finishes, BOOM! Bomb ass instrumental kicks in, and OH MY GOD THIS SONG~ It’s great. Its just so great. I can’t even.

The plot: a girl is kidnapped, Infinite goes to save her. They kick butt. They get their butts kicked. Not sure if that guy is dead or not. They find her outside. They go for more butt kicking. MV ends.

HOW YOU GONNA LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THAT, INFINITE! UGH! I really hope theyere’s a part two.

Watch the music video here:


The song hasn’t been released yet.

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Source: Woolim Ent YouTube

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