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YeA Debut With ‘Up and Down’ MV

Kiroy Company is on a roll. First they release BTL, which is gaining popularity like nobody’s business, and now they’ve released YeA, a female group.

BTL member Jay features in the video and on the track. The girls live in a cute, cut-out type world, and one of them spies him in her looking glass. The other girls fall for him as well, and they kidnap him, tear him to peices (not literally, but you’ll see) and draw on his face.

The song is cute overall, but you can tell these ladies can sing. However, when they’re being cute, they sound like every other K-Pop girl group that have done the same concept. The rapping actually contributes to the song as well, so there are no complaints there.

A good song, but they can do better! More vocal, less aegyo, and they’ll be perfect.

Watch the music video here:


Fun Fact: Member Chai is from GP Basic!

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Source: Kiroy Company YouTube


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