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Vimclip Wanna ‘Sex You Up’ In Their Latest Teaser

Boy band Vimclip are making a comeback, and boy…did I not expect that. Not the comeback, but that title…whoo honey. Their latest single is titled, “Sex You Up.”

Alright, so I saw the title and thought, “Japanese cover of Color Me Bad?” but this is a pleasant surprise. Just the title is similar. The song here has a smooth R&B vibe, and the boys look quite handsome in the slideshow of teaser images.

I can’t wait to see more from them, this is really exciting!

Watch the  video here:


The single will be released on August 13th! Their next single will be “Back to Disco Sound,” coming soon!

Like Vimclip?




Mixi Page







Source: Vimclip YouTube


2 thoughts on “Vimclip Wanna ‘Sex You Up’ In Their Latest Teaser

  1. Thanks so much for writing about this. I already new it but I think it’s great that people write about them since I believe they are still kinde unkown!
    However, how come you aready know the titel for the new single?


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