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SKULL’s MV For ‘Deh Pon Top’ Will Be Banned, and Let Me Tell You Why

Weed. Yes, that controversial little plant. Not because Korea is full of uber conservatives, though I’m sure there are conservative people, but in Korea Marijuana is ILLEGAL. So illegal, it could land you in prison.

Yes, the editing was shotty, and instead of cutting out the plant and the preparation of the blunt, they just edited out people smoking it. Not like we can’t clearly see what they’re doing anyway.

Also, not that butts are ban-worthy, but I saw cheeks. And they weren’t face cheeks. I don’t know if that’s ban-worthy, but I don’t I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to see anyone’s butt.

The song is AMAZING~ and even that edited singing (I don’t know if that’s auto-tune or just some other layer) was dope!

Watch the music video here:


You can buy ‘Deh Pon Top” on iTunes from SKULL‘s latest album, “King O’ Irie.” He also did a song with Swi.T member, Eugene called, “I’m Getting Married,” but it’s a ballad and I was more excited about this song.




Source: 1theK YouTube


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