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Freak Get Down in ‘Go Ahead’

Well hell-oooooo there. Freak are an R&B J-Pop group that debuted back in February with their single, “Moving On,” which totally bypassed me. And I regret it. So much.

UGH! The feels! BE MY DBSK! But don’t break up ;~;

But they are SO vocally talented. There’s no real dance to the song, or to their debut single either. BUT THEIR VOICES ARE LIKE HEAVEN!

And there’s twins ❤ and look at the little dude! Isn’t he a cutie? And the other guy with the hat! UGH! WHY J-Pop???? Well, I DID ask for more awesome boy groups. Keep em coming!

“Moving On” is a soulful R&B song while “Go Ahead” is more of a mix of R&B and rap, which went a lot better than I thought it would.

Watch the music videos here:

“Moving On”


“Go Ahead”


Their first mini album, “No Turning Back” will be released on the 30th! It will contain both songs, plus 5 other tracks.

Like Freak?








Source: avexnetwork YouTube


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    1. I’m borrowing wifi right now, but once I have internet access back I’ll be more than happy to do that for you 🙂


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