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Throwback Thursday: Baby V.O.X

Okay, sorry this is late. Couldn’t keep my eyes open last night. This week, is of course, Baby V.O.X, which stands for, “Baby Voices of Xpression.” Okay then. It was a five member girl group that debuted in 1997, and was active until 2006.

The original lineup consisted of Cha Yumi, Jung SiWun, Jang HyunJung, Lee HeeJin and Kim E-Z. The lineup that became the most popular and rose to stardom however consisted of members Kim E-Z, Lee Hee Jin, Shim Eun Jin, Kan Mi Yoon and Yoon Eun Hye.

The group debuted with the single, “Hair Cut,” which had an edgier style than most girl groups. At the time, Korean audiences weren’t into that sort of image for girl groups, and the group was practically ignored.

During a performance onstage, member Cha Yumi was injured during a stage performance, and was later replaced by Kan Mi Yoon, while some of the older members (Jang Hyun Jung and Jung ShiWun) were kicked out due to conflicts.

During the second album, Shim Eun Jin and Lee Gai also joined the group. They changed their image to match that of their competitors, S.E.S and Fin.K.L with their single, “Ya Ya Ya,” which hit #7 on the charts. Their follow up single, “Change” was more mature and sexy.

Around this time, it was discovered that Lee Gai was actually 30, not 20 like she had told the company, and she was booted and the group once again, went through member changes. Yoon Eun Hye then came into the picture, they released their third album. They released the title song, “Get Up,” which generated huge success for the group. They also released another single, “Killer,” which beat idol group H.O.T and won the ‘Top Exellency Award’ at the Seoul Music Awards in 1999.

Another single from the album, “Missing You” was also extremely popular, and is considered their best ballad song ever.

During 2000-2001, they made their fourth and fifth albums, “Why” and “Boyish Story” respectively. They also made a visit to China, where they made many fans, as well as their popularity spreading outward to other countries such as Japan. During that time period, they also made many appearances on variety shows, which helped keep their popularity.

They released a special compilation album in 2002 with two new singles, “Coincidence” and “Go.” “Coincidence” hit #1, and that was their first in 3 years. They also released a World Cup version of the song.

In the spring of 2003, they released their 6th album, “Devotion,” which was a feat not achieved by many Korean pop groups at the time. Their single, “What Should I Do?” did immensely well in Korea, and their Chinese single, “I’m Still Loving You” topped the Chinese music charts. Their second single, “The Wish” didn’t do nearly as popular, and promotions for that single were short lived.

Their seventh and final album, “Ride West” featured the song “Xcstacy,” which featured American rapper Tupac Shakur. The rap on the track was recorded while he was in prison. This caused a lot of controversy, so much so that the rapper’s mother sued the girl group because of copyright claim. A member of DJ DOCK even went as far as to call the girls prostitutes. The artists both took each other to court, and even with an apology, the girls were still compensated.

Their second single, “Play Remix,” featured singer Jennifer Lopez. Even with popular American artists on the album, the sales were still very low.

Later, members Eun Jin and Eun Hye would depart from the group the next year. In March of 2006, the group officially disbanded. I haven’t really listened to Baby V.O.X, so I’m just going to showcase some of their songs. Their debut single, “Hair Cut,” “Ya Ya Ya,” “Coincidence” and “Xcstacy.”





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