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Worldwide Wednesday: Work That Problem

Wow, so busy yesterday, I didn’t even get to do WW! Well, here it is.

Recently, I’ve started getting back into American pop…*laughs maniacally. Not really, but I’ve heard some. I’m familiar with Ariana Grande because she plays Cat on “Sam&Cat” and “Victorious.” Her ‘speaking’ voice drives me nuts, but she’s an okay singer.

I like her song, “The Way,” but what really caught my attention was the lyric video for “Problem,” featuring Iggy Azalea. I ain’t never heard of him/her so I checked it out; Iggy was a she, and she sounded pretty cool.

I like her part in that, and I LOVE her song “Work,” which I was introduced to via my friend Krystina. Other than that though…meh. So I figured I’d show you my two favorite works of hers:



I love this song, but the chorus is SO SLOOOOW. I am so used to Outsider and Tymee speeding their way through their songs that when I listen to this, I expect her to rocket through it as well, seeing as how the verses all go fast. Nope. Slow. As. Fuuuuuck.

Still like it though.

Iggy is from Australia, and has been active since 2011, releasing two mixtapes and two mini albums. She officially made her debut though this year with her single, “Work,” followed by “Bounce” and “Change Your Life (Feat. T.I).”

She’s also a model for Levi jeans.

She’s broken many records, including being the only artist aside from The Beatles to hold the #1 and #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time, passing Lil Kim on the longest leading #1 on Billboard Hot 100, as well as tying for fifth place for scoring longest commands this decade on the Hot 100.

Like Iggy Azalea? Buy her stuff on iTunes!


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