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K-Indie Picks 7.15.14

Well hello there! Even if it isn’t directly on time, I would just like to say, it was Tuesday when I started. Yay! Anyway, lots of cool hip hop was released this week. Let’s take a listen!

View the playlist here:



First up is Tymee, cuz why the hell not? Earlier this week she released her latest single, “Super Flower,” which is the shit. Which in my language, is a good thing.

This is the shit=this is awesome (Just FYI)

The song features singer Park Soo Min.




me2day (if you’re outside the US),

Twitter, and




Next up is a rapper I’ve never listened to, but probably might have heard about and forgotten. This is New Champ with his latest single, “날개.”



PJR Entertainment YouTube



I’ve heard a lot about Dynamic Duo, but I haven’t really given their discography a good looking-over. But this song, “AEAO” featuing DJ Premiere is off the chain~

That beat yo T^T it’s sick as fuck!


DJ Premiere Twitter

Gaeko Twitter

Amoeba Culture Twitter



Last but not least is Moriarty. Yes, Moriarty. But not the one from “Sherlock.” I don’t know about that Moriarty, but this one spits rhymes.

The song is “Narcissist,” and features MERCI and MAILO.


Moriarty Facebook

Merci Facebook

Mailo Facebook

SNK (Not Attack on Titan) Facebook


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