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Jokwon is A Fabulous ‘Material Girl’ in ‘Priscilla’

As many of us already know, 2AM‘s Jokwon is in the musical, “Priscilla,” not giving any fucks to haters and being FUCKING FABULOUS!

jokwon 1


I just saw him perform Madonna‘s “Material Girl,” and GODDAMN, Jokwon you are SOOOO Fabulous and wonderful! He OWNED that stage. And that look at the end? Priceless. Bravo. Encore!

He was born to play this role.

Watch the video here:


UGH! Give me feels why don’t you? Jokwon plays Adam, and the musical began its run back in May. He shares the role with Kim Ho Young and Yoo Seung Yeob.





Source: YouTube

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