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Girls’ Day Are Perfection in ‘Darling’

When I saw the thumbnail for the teaser, I was quite hesitant. I figured they were going back to cute, and I was like, “HOW YOU GONNA GO BACK TO CUTE AFTER WHAT YOU DID LAST YEAR?????”

I’m not one to watch teasers, usually. I find that it spoils all the fun and surprise of watching the music video. So when I watched the full music video, I was shocked. It was sexy-cute, not just cute, which was amazing~

The song has a throwback vibe, and the feeling of the song is so perfect for summer ❤ I love it! The girls are playing around and baking, and whatnot. Just being fabulous as always.

This is Girls’ Day‘s latest single, “Darling.”

Watch the music video here:


The song is not yet available for download.

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Source: Girls’ Day Youtube


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