My Interview With Fromm

Ah yes, another interview! I’m sorry this is so late! This was supposed to come out back in May, but I waited a few weeks, just in case she was busy.

Turns out, she needed a translation (as some artists that I’ve interviewed do) so it took me a while and help from my friend Alona to locate a lovely lady named Claire, who was wonderful and translated both communications.

Thank you Claire!

I featured the singer Fromm on a K-Indie Picks playlist a while back. I was so taken with her voice, that I asked her for an interview! Hooray, she said yes!

Thank you so much to Fromm and Claire!

On  to the interview!

When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Fromm: Music was my dream ever since I was young. However, I only properly started in my mid-20s.

When you debuted, and how did your first live performance feel?

Fromm: I was so nervous I could not sleep but I was really happy and proud.

When did you write your first song, and do you remember what it was about?

Fromm: It was a really simple song with just melody when I was in elementary. It was the theme song of my older sister’s manhwa which was about a girl liking a cold guy.

What made you choose this genre of music?

Fromm: I like songs that flows naturally. I do not think genre is really important; I just compose melodies that I like.

What is your favorite song that you’ve released so far and why?

Fromm: This is a really hard question! I chose ‘come to meet’ because I can really enjoy singing it when I am performing.

If you weren’t a musician, what other profession would you pursue?

Fromm: I think I would have drawn or operated a coffee shop.

You play guitar, but are there any other instruments you play?

Fromm: I didn’t learn music properly but I can play a little bit of piano and guitar.

Who or what artist inspires you the most?

Fromm: Suzanne Vega , feist , regina spector, mew, and a lot more.

What is your dream location to play and why?

Fromm: I am currently working at HongDaeSsin and I also want to travel and perform overseas. I think those experiences will help me a lot.

What do you hope to achieve as an artist?

Fromm: I want to be a comfort to someone else.

Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?

Fromm: I hope I would be continuously making music and let others listen to my songs in many more places.

Do you have any other interests or talents?

Fromm: I like drawing manhwa, designing and editing; I have a lot of interests in these and have worked with them previously.

What was your most embarrassing and/or hilarious moment while performing live?

Fromm: A song called ‘Don’t Play With My Heart‘ has a difficult song form and I once got it completely wrong. The audiences and I all laughed (:

What are your plans for the remainder of 2014?

Fromm: There are a lot of performances and festivals. I am trying to perform in different ways.

Could you say something to your international fans?

Fromm: Thank you for messaging and cheering me on although we didn’t have a chance to meet. I hope there will be a chance to meet and sing for you all. Please look forward to my music from now on~

Watch her music video for her latest single, “봄맞이 가출 (A Spring Day Out).”


Buy her debut album, “낮달 (Arrival)” on iTunes!

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