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Henry Loves His ‘Fantastic’ Violin

Henry of Super Junior has released his music video for the lead single on his comeback mini album, “Fantastic.” And here’s what I got from the music video: Henry really loves his violin.

So much so he hallucinates that it has taken human form, chasing it through a maze, and then playing it until it becomes a beautiful girl again.

Is that a metaphor for something? … anywho, song wise, I really liked it until the bridge when Henry began rapping. It was unnecessary and it’s a shame its there. Otherwise, the song is practically perfect.

Watch the music video here:


Download is not yet available. But did you know, that we’re called ‘Strings’? That’s Henry’s fanclub name! NOW GIVE ONE TO F(x) AND EXO!

Seriously, though.





Source: SMTOWN YouTube


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