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Clazziquai Release Mini Movie MV ‘Love Satellite’

Clazziquai Project have returned with their latest single, “Love Satellite.” The song is super catchy and I WANTS IT! ^_^

Quick rundown of the mv: Marvin is an alien. Aliens are descendants of pigs, and receive messages from their home planets in the form of worms.

Marvin is in love with a neighbor lady he has been spying on through her lamps. Through human television, he finds out about love, and experiences these emotions for himself for her.

In his attempt at kindess (replacing her broken lamp) he was caught in his little room by her, playing the trumpet, and she is horrified at his appearance. There is an end narration after her initial reaction.

There are English subtitles! Click ‘cc’ for them to appear.

Watch the music video here:


This year is Clazziquai Project’s 10th anniversary, and this single is for their upcoming 6th album!

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Source: Fluxus Music YouTube

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