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Random Music Monday: Predia

So, I’ve never heard of Predia, so I decided, “Why not?” and WHY NOT? They sound FANTASTIC! My only qualms were with the video. The girls were good dancers, from what I could tell they all looked good and their singing – WAS FANTASTIC! UGH! Yet another girl group to keep up with.


Kinda confused, because their discography says they’ve been active since 2011, but the website says this is their major debut O_o whatevs.

The point is Predia is ‘an adult based unit,’ which explains all the wine-pouring-on-boobz and the touching-each-others-boobz. You can be sexy without getting pseudo-porno, Crown Records. Just sayin.

I love the song, the dance is okay, whoever did the editing did a shitty job cuz I could barely see their faces the entire time. Ok I can it’s Akane. She’s so pretty! And she’s on the thumbnail!

This is their debut single, “壊れた愛の果てに.” It will be released on the 6th of August!

Watch the music video here:


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Source: crownrecord YouTube

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