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My Journey To KCON Part 1: Buying The Tickets

It’s official. This chica is going! I’ll take you through my journey step by step. And when I’m there, I’ll vlog and blog all about it. I hope you’ll feel as though you’re right there with me.

First of all, don’t believe KCON‘s estimates. I had enough money saved up for what I thought was going to be P3 tickets ($225), but with additional fees that I was unaware of (but in hindsight should have expected), I had to go lower. Still couldn’t afford it, so now I have P5 tickets.

Prices (adjust for fees [count on at least an additional $30]):

kcon tickets

Though somewhat disappointed, I am very grateful. This is an amazing opportunity, and my job is so wonderful that they’re letting me do this even though I haven’t been there long. This will be my first trip on an airplane, and my first time out of the Midwest.

Not to mention, KCON! I get to see G-Dragon and Girls’ Generation! Two of my first K-Pop loves! AND DANNY IM FROM 1TYM WILL BE THERE! I’M SO STOKED!

Artist and Guest Line up:

who's coming kcon

Two days at the con, and two nights of concerts, with my friend Alona and some other people from the K-Pop website I write for! I’ll keep you guys updated as I go.

You can pick how you receive your tickets. I chose to have mine mailed to me, which is free, or you can print them at home ($2) or you can have them mailed to you by express or business, etc. All which will cost.

I have my lodgings, tickets, and now, for my flight(s). I’m more than 90% there, I can’t wait! If you’re there, I hope to see you. I’ll probably be wearing an EYK shirt, comic, Toy Story (they look cool, don’t judge me. I’ve lived with three little boys for 5 years) or my Hunger Games t-shirts. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

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