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GOT7 Are Shameless Flirts In ‘A’ MV

Yes they are. Look at them. SHAMELESS! Poor Jackson and that hair *shudders. Soooo not as cute as Zelo or BJoo. *smh. Anywho, GOT7 have released the music video for their latest single, “A.”

Which is catchy as hell. Though I disapprove of the classic ‘badass to aegyo’ transition that all groups go through, whether they start out ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ aegyo is always close behind.

Eh, its okay as a transition, though I was looking forward to another hip-hop song, seeing as how they’re a hip-hop group. But a throwback to classic R&B works too. I mean, I know I like their singing, just bebopping through genres sometimes annoys me.

And great dancing. I expected nothing less from a group in *whisper: JYP.

Watch the music video here:


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Source: jypentertainment YouTube

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