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My Interview With Anna Lee

I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Lee, who has recently released her album, “Melancholy,” and the music video to her lead single, “We.”

Watch the music video here:


Thank you Anna and Joon from NuBase Records for your time, I really appreciate it.


How long have you been pursuing music?


I began to play the piano at 7. I simply wanted to become a pianist. At 15, I seriously decided to be a musician.


Who is your inspiration?


Ennio Morricone / Medeski


What have you learned from your time training, and how has it prepared you for your career as a performer?


Playing in a band, I learned how to arrange songs for each instrumental part and later that helped me a lot to produce my own music.


What does the song “We” mean to you?


The song that shows my style and sounds the best.


What are your favorite songs from the album?


The title song, “We.”


How was it switching from being in a band to becoming a soloist?


No such confusion at all for I had prepared before then.


What was the thought process stepping into the studio as a soloist rather than a group member? Was there a difference?


A soloist has no limit on expression but a band member has some restrictions to corporate. So I could enjoy the solo album producing.


What message do you want to send to your audience?


Easy listening in a dreamy atmosphere with a little more complex harmonies


What was it like on set of your music video?


Hilarious, though it was my very first time. I’ve got to try more things next time.


Do you have any rituals before going onstage?


Meditation that I would kill the audience with my music.


What are you listening to lately?


French pop music


What do you do when you have free time?




What is your favorite street food?


Soon-Dae and Toppoki


Could you say anything to your international fans?


Hope you feel my music although it’s hard to understand Korean lyrics.


Like Anna Lee? Pick up her album, “Melancholy” on iTunes!

Support her through her SNS pages!





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