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Some Bitch Fondled Daeyhun And Brags About It

THIS BITCH! Okay, yeah, we all fantasize at some point of being intimate with our idols. But that’s what fanfiction is for. Some people can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality, because in reality, its not acceptable to just go up and grope a dude’s balls.

A Portuguese fan posted a picture on her Instagram, bragging about it. What I’m more disgusted about rather than her touching his no-no parts (but seriously, I want to do very mean things to you with weapons I am not capable of procuring at this moment in time) is that people are congratulating her and are saying that they’re jealous of her.

That’s disgusting. How would you like it if a stranger walked up to you and started fondling your junk? That’s fucking sick.

Here is the translation of what she is saying beneath the photo:

Yongguk wanted to appear in selca with Daeyhun after the ‘accident.’ But the staff took the phone and got it so. But it was worth it!

Bitch you disgust me. As much as I joke about being ‘married’ to my oppas or wanting to date them or touch them, it’s called respect and if I ever were to meet them you bet your damn ass that I would never cross that line.

It’s called human decency. Learn some



Source: Facebook

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