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Learn Korean With Me! – Lesson #4: Memorial Day

Seeing as how Memorial Day, [현충일  (Hyeon Chung Il)] was just yesterday in Korea, let’s take a look when it was established, and customs that Korean citizens uphold in order to honor this day.

Ever since June 6th, 1954, a memorial ceremony is held in the National Cemetery in Seoul, South Korea to honor [기리다(girida)] the men and women who sacrificed [희생하다 (huisaenghada)]  their lives for the safety and freedom of their countrymen.

At 10 AM, a siren goes off throughout the country, and people everywhere pray silently for one minute. During this moment of silence, even vehicles on the main roads of Korea stop and observe. On this day, the Korean flag is flown at half-staff.

The reason June 6th was chosen as Korea’s Memorial Day was that in Korea, a year is divided into 24 divisions. June 6th is the first day of the 9th division, and many sacrifices have been made on this day throughout history.

Watch this video from KoreanClass101 for more information:



현충일 – Hyeon Chung Il – Hyun-chung-eel = Memorial Day

기리다 – girida – gih-ree-dah = to honor, to pay high respect to

희생하다 – huisaenghada – Hoo-ee-sang-hah-dah = to sacrifice


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