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GAIA Releases ‘Love Potion’ MV

HOLY MOTHER OF GOODNESS! GAIA have finally released their comeback music video for “Love Potion,” produced by Cha Cha Malone. They never put a date on any of the teaser videos, so I had no idea until I woke up this morning that it was released. Thank goodness! The wait was killing me.

Very straightforward, GAIA are at a party with guys, spike the punch and BOOM! They’re all over them. ‘Love Potion’ *sarcastic jazz hands.

On the other hand, the hook is super catchy, and I love the choreography the girls do! Nun and Joy look especially lovely.

Watch the music video here:


DOADOT seriously needs to post these girls’ music on US iTunes. I would spend so much, I swear! Its disappointing as an international fan not to be able to download their stuff.

[EDIT 3/14/16] GUESS WHAT’S FUCKING ON ITUNES???? However, it is only the English version. STILL FUCKING EXCITED!!!!

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Source: DOADOTOfficial YouTube

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