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Throwback Thursday: Naomi Tamura

Oh, J-Pop, I love you! And regret leaving you in the cold T^T But yeah, J-Pop is back again for T.T. with Naomi Tamura!

Naomi first started out with the band STEP, which lasted almost until the 1980’s ended. Once the 90’s hit, Naomi went solo with her first single, “自由の橋 (Jiyuu No Hashi)” in 1994. The band however, renamed itself PEARL, and kept a strong career going, even making a revival in 1997.

Her real fame came when she released her 3rd single, “永遠の一秒 (Ein no Ichibyou),” and then continue to rise as she released her fourth single, “ゆずれない願い (Yuzurenai Negai)” as the theme song to the anime, “Magic Knight Rayearth.”

As of now, she is with Airy Music Japan, and her latest work was released in 2012, her 24th single, “命のうたが聞こえる (Inochi no Uta ga Kikoeru).”

Today you’ll get to see the music videos for “Ein no Ichibyou” and “Yuzurenai Negai.”



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