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Boyfriend Reveals Their New ‘Obsession’

Well then. Boyfriend is back, with their latest single, “Obsession.”

I think I know what their obsession is.

It’s books, isn’t it? Just look at that octagon room of books.

It’s beautiful T^T you know my heart, Boyfriend.

But anywho, the further plot of the music video besides their obsession with literacy (4 lyfe) is that one member (sorry, don’t have names down yet) is in love with this girl, but she gets kidnapped by a guy with a green bowler hat.

When they find her again, he meets her one last time, cuz there’s dynamite on the floor. Mind you, its not lit. But LO AND BEHOLD, green bowler hat man hath returned, and clutches, the unlit dynamite to the girl’s chest, which she just stares open-mouthed and wide eyed, and then SHE TOO clutches it to her chest.

Girl, first rule, if it ain’t lit, you got options. Kick him in the balls, bite his hand! And what the hell were Boyfriend doing? There’s 6 to 1, you totally could have kicked his ass and THEN some.

But they didn’t, so she died in a fiery explosion. OF UNLIT DYNAMITE. That would explain the lack of guts and carnage flying everwhere. Cuz if it was REALLY lit, Her body would have EXPLODED and guts and blood would have spattered everywhere, and Boyfriend was so close they would have gotten limbs blown off and everything.

Just sayin. Plot holes *sarcastically does jazz hands

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Well too bad. They haven’t released it yet. Damn them.

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Source: 1theK YouTube

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