Throwback Thursday: Papaya

This is Papaya, a five member girl group from Cream Entertainment that debuted in 2000.
The members were Kang Se Jung, Joo Youn Jung, Jo Hye Kyung, Hwang Yoon Mi and Kang Kyoung Ah. They debuted with their album, “Fairy Tale.”
Before their second album, “Violet,” members Yoon Mi and Kyoung Ah left the group, due to unpopularity. They continued as a three member group, but disbanded shortly after for unknown reasons.
The song I found by them first was “Listen To Me,” which is really adorable and shows off their early 2000’s aegyo.
Then I’m going to show you “Smile Smile.” The song is fun and energetic, even if the music video does remind me of a circus.
Finally, “사랑 만들기.” This was the single the three remaining girls released and promoted shortly before disbanding. It’s cute, fun and filmed in Sydney, Australia.

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