K-Indie Picks

K-Indie Picks 5.6.14

Sorry that its so short today. I’m just not in a good mood today. A bit depressed, actually. But, last week I promised you a YouTube playlist, and I got you one! I hope you like it. Short and sweet, I suppose.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Watch the playlist here:

Still PM‘s sound is very Western, and by that I mean US hip-hop. I’ve seen several comparisons to Tyga, but I don’t listen to him so I wouldn’t know. All I know is that the song is catchy, so I like it. Not really up for girls twerking, but whatever. It’s a rap video. *shrugs.This is his latest single, “Miss Taken.”




Next up is my personally favorite rapper, Outsider. The man that is Korea’s fastest rapper has released the music video for his latest single, “Son.” I reviewed the song here. But, you know, I couldn’t help sharing it a second time. I love this song, I love Outsider, I love the female singer’s part at the bridge of the song.
The video is pretty powerful too. It’s told by Manhwa, Korean style graphic novel. I have to warn you though, there is blood in here. Animated, but its there no less.





Last but not least is female singer Yozoh. Odd name, cute voice, I’m hooked! Her light, sweet voice remind me a lot of Besweet, and I really like that. The song is beautiful, and gives me a happy feeling that I need today.This song, “Daydream” is for the CLEF Music project, “Tiny Bits of Life Part 1.” The song is written and composed by 17HOLIC and the acoustic guitar was played by Hong Jun Ho.






Like the playlist? Then press this little red button! It’s filled with happiness!

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