My Interview With WHOwho

I was lucky enough to get the honor of interviewing WHOwho, and up and coming indie band from Soundholic Entertainment.

Thank you so much guys!

What inspired the name of your band?

There’s a funny story behind our band’s name.

When we assembled this band, we spent all the money into gears and renting a studio. We were so broke, and our favorite-only-option-meal was those cheap burgers. Anyways, French Fries are pronounced “Hoorench Hoories” in Korean and we picked the name of our band from the first consonant sound of it.
We would like listeners to embrace our music in an easy way, since our motto is “dance silly, play sexy.” It would be grateful if you make your own definition out of it, though.”

What was your career plan before becoming a musician?

JUN – “I wanted to be a scientist, an invertor, or like a member of commando unit. Just one of those childhood wishes that you were so fascinated by how the toy transformers work or watching captain planet or power rangers and things like that.

YOHAN – “I was into metal craft when I was a little boy, but I had to give up without even starting it.

At what point in your life did you decide that this is what you really wanted to pursue as a career? (Each member)

YOHAN – “First, I learned piano when I was nine years old and absolutely hated it. I thought the music was such a boring thing because of that. Then, I learned to play drum when I was thirteen years old. That could not get through as well. After almost five years without learning any instruments, I accidently had a chance to learn a guitar and bass guitar. Since then, I was drawn to bass guitar and also got into rock music until now.”

JUN – “My parents wanted me to be a “good student” with academic success when I was eleven years old. That did not happen, because, at that time, I had an extreme anxiety problem. Sort of a thing that you go through when you’re a teenager, you know? Anyways, one day I heard Nirvana’s music and that changed me entirely. I saw myself being a Kurt Cobain, and wanted to become a musician. I grabbed the guitar and learned. and that was my “highway to hell.”

JINCHEOL – “I made my mind to jump into to become a musician in my high school years. I was very competitive with my friend of mine, who also played drum. I began to REALLY play the drum only to beat this guy. So, I guess it all started with at that point of my life.

Out of all the music you’ve released so far, which song is your favorite and why? (Each member)

JUN – “Her” is my favorite track. Not only we spent so much time on it but also it is very fun to sing.”

YOHAN – ” Dance in the Rain” I love my strong and heavy tone of bass guitar part.”

JINCHEOL – “ “Dance in the Rain” is also my favorite. Guitar reap is entertaining and I like the disco-like sound of it.

What is the most memorable moment you have had during a live performance and could you share a unique or funny moment?

YOHAN: “When we performed at the Green Plugged Festival, we performed with new instruments that we were not used to. It was a mess and Jun almost tripped off because my bass guitar cord caught him. And there was a part that Jun supposed to step down from the stage and give his guitar to an audience. But as soon as he tried to give the guitar to this person, the strap was tangled up and did not come off from his body for a while. Man, that awkward moment when everyone was just watching him and smirked.”

How do you feel about Korean indies’s reach to international fans, and how do you think or hope that it will affect artists like yourselves?

JUN – “Since K-Pop became so popular worldwide, the K-Indie music also caught the audiences’ attention. I believe it is a great effect. I proudly announce that we have such great tasteful indie bands in our country. However, playing the Western style rock music in Korea is not an easy thing to do at all, considering the culture that we live in. On top of that, spreading our music internationally? I mean, it is our pleasure that people somewhere in the world could even be interested in our music. I thank them and also encourage them to keep search the bands out there.”

When you’re writing music, do you have any weird or particular habits, and if so, what are they?

JUN – “I usually get my inspiration when I’m not fully awake from the morning sleep. And meeting ladies when I’m not completely sober from the alcohol. I often forget all those inspirations due to the hangover though.. My point is, all the inspirations come and go through interactions. It is we, artists’ role to grasp them and make it into art forms.

When you’re not performing or in the studio, what is something you like to do to relax and have fun (each member)?

JUN – “I got several hobbies, but I am so into Darts these days. I got much better at it and actually planning to join the Amateur Tournament in this summer.”

YOHAN – “I love meeting people. I drink coffee and alcohols with friends, just wander around places and there I get the inspirations.

JINCHEOL – “I usually practice drum in the studio or hangout with friends do all those typical friend activity stuff. Haha.

Do you listen to any genres of music besides the type you play and write? If so who is your favorite out of the genre you listen to the most? (Each member)

JUN – “I used to listen to Rock & Roll like everyday especially those 69’ Woodstock ones. Nowadays, I try to listen to every genre of music and seek for the exquisite pieces.”

YOHAN – “I like whatever as long as it’s music.”

JINCHEOL – “Not specifically a genre but Mutemath is my favorite band for these days. I love the drum sound from them.

What is your dream venue to perform in?

JUN – “As many bands’ wishes are to perform in a Glastonbury, England, so as ours. But, if anyone, anywhere in the world want us to perform, it is more likely for us to be there and have fun together.

What sort of plans do you have in store for 2014?

JUN – “We are working on the full-length album right now. It’s gonna include the latest songs from EP and singles with new tracks. I hope the audiences would enjoy it.

Could you say something to your international fans?

JUN – “Well, first of all, thank you all for your interest in our band. We wish not only to perform in Korea but also all around the world. And plus I love traveling you know? Guess that will work out well, haha. You will see us sooner or later if you keep your interest in us. With the new album on the way right now, we will also perform more and attend festivals. Thank you again. Bye bye, and see you soon. TUNE YOUR EARS TIGHT AND KEEP DANCING!

Thank you to Soundholic and WHOwho for the opportunity, I appreciate your time!

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