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365’s ‘ÁC MỘNG’ MV

Me and my sister Emily just watched 365‘s latest music video, “ÁC MỘNG.” It’s filled with action, drama and my bitter tears.

We both cried. She won’t admit it, but she cried too.

Isaac plays an assassin (well, they all do, but he’s the main lead) who kidnaps an older man (who I assume is their enemy, I would hope they aren’t just kidnapping random people)’s bride.


Turns out, its a girl Isaac liked when he was a child. So, in all situations like this, what does he do? Tries to save her. But he gets caught and gets his ass beat. Then she comes back for him.

And then I wept bitter tears. Watch it for yourself.

Watch the video here:

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Source: 365daband YouTube

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