My Interview With…From The Airport

Sorry to keep this a secret from you guys! I was going to make an announcement video to put out before, but I got busy.

I hope you like this interview, thank you to the band! I really appreciate this! This is my interview with the band, From The Airport.

The duo formed in 2012, and released their debut single, “Colors,” in October of that year. It received rave reviews from around the world.

In June of 2013, the band signed with the label, Fluxus Music, home to artists like Urban Zakapa and W&JAS, and Yi Sung Yol.

Recently, this past February, the band released their first mini album titled, “Chemical Love.”

Why did you pick this particular name for your band? What does it mean to you?
We thought that airports were the venues in which exchange of love, goodbyes and hellos, various emotions, goods etc. occurred in a worldwide scale. So we deemed that it fit our music, which talks about these exchanges in life. Plus, airports generally give you the feeling of excitement!
What brought you together as a band?
Really similar interests in music. We liked similar artists and musical styles, so it wasn’t hard to musically connect in composing. When we first met, we had a jamming session and came out with the melody for ‘Colors,’ our first single track. Then we felt like we could make more good songs as a band.
What or who inspired your sound?
Not one thing in particular. All the musicians we listen to give us something to learn from and inspiration. We also both love watching movies, which also can inspire us sometimes. But most of all just the life around us is so diverse and interesting that there are an infinite amount of things one can express musically.”
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Just keep doing what we are doing now, which is making truthful music. There is no doubt that five years of life experience will make us grow both musically and mentally, so we’re excited about how much our music will have grown by then.”
What is the message you want to convey with this album, and what’s different about this album compared to what you’ve done in the past?
We wanted to talk about ‘life,’ mainly on the positive aspects of it. We felt that many people were being dragged down by the harshness and negative things about this world, but we thought there were many positive things in life, too, like love, hope, memories, etc. We wanted to talk about them.
Musically, there’s nothing that we consciously did differently compared to our previous releases. But after we joined Fluxus Music, we were able to record and mix our album at Fluxus Studio, which definitely improved the technical aspects of our tracks.”
(Each member) What is your favorite song from the album and why?
Zee: “Timelines‘, because it’s the most energetic track in the album, and also ultra-positive. But my favorite lyrics are from ‘Distinct Memories of the Common Boy.’ I’m not sure why, but I personally connected with them the most.”
Milo: “‘Timelines’, for its energy and level of fun.”
If I took your iPod, what artists would I find? (each member)
Zee: “At the moment, I’m listening to Chromeo, Passenger, Yelle and Tame Impala the most.”
Milo: “Psapp, Dream Theater, and Pat Metheny Group.
Name a song or artist your fans wouldn’t expect you to listen to, but you do.
Zee: “If I had to pick my three favorite artists of all time, one of them would be Ryuichi Sakamoto. Was it not that unexpectable, though?
Milo: “Um… Nothing that is unexpected.”
If you could switch with an idol group, which group would it be and why?
This is a really hard question, because we’ve never thought of being in an idol group… Neither of us can really dance. I think we’re happy being an electro rock team at the moment!
Could you say something to your international fans?
Please look forward to out full-length album, which we plan to produce soon. And hopefully we’ll get to meet you guys in live performances, we can’t wait to play abroad! Thanks for listening!

Thank you once again to Milo and Zee for making time for me in your busy schedule! I really appreciate it! And guess what? Their album is finally on iTunes! Huzzah! 

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