BH Brew Christmas Cheer With ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ PV

Bom and Lee Hi literally brew Christmas cheer in the PV for “All I Want For Christmas Is You

PS, if you were wondering, it’s a ‘PV [promotional  video]’ because it’s for Samsung.

That is the cutest and creepiest video ever.

They’re brewing something. With…EXO‘s cheese…and someone’s hair…

Stuart does not approve. 


I think this needs more hair…

I would also like to point our that…

Okay, so in all seriousness, this song is more mellow than Mariah Carey‘s original version from 1994. It’s not like they’re going to plagiarize her version, you know, 
Yunho, those complainers out there. 
Besides, I like this. Most Christmas songs are upbeat and jolly, and this is a nice change of pace. It’s a slow, R&B track with a bridge that crecendos into a powerful last verse. 
I just wish Bom, Lee Hi and T.O.P would fire their acting coach. 
Seriously, that verse that Bom sang at the end needed more facial expression. I can imagine her and Lee Hi in the studio going at it, but whoever is directing their facial expressions on camera needs to be fired. 
I don’t care how much plastic surgery people say Bom has had, that girl has eyebrows, RAISE ‘EM! My choir teacher always said that if you can’t be expressive, at least raise your eyebrows, it’ll at least look like your being expressive. 
Good thing is though, at least they’re beginning to move their lips more. ^_^
Watch the video here:

It doesn’t help the creepiness factor that they look like those girls in Stephen King‘s “The Shining

Love the song? I do! Pick it up on iTunes!

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