Somos Tu Y Yo (You & I)

I was trying to watch ‘Heirs‘ awhile ago, and when DramaFever was being slow, I paused and thought, “Well, why don’t I try Viki?” Cuz that’s what I do when DramaFever is being stupid. Which isn’t a lot.
So I went over to Viki, and wouldn’t you know it! They don’t have the licence for it yet in North America! *facepalm. Understandable, anywho, I went back over to DramaFever.
It took me an hour and a half to finish one episode, and that was two days ago. I haven’t gone back yet, maybe this weekend? DramaFever was being slow T^T It might be my computer, I’ll have to clean it out and check, but Viki was doing it too, yet YouTube was fine? IDK.
Anyway, I mentioned Viki, yeah. I went back on after it took me an HOUR AND A HALF to finish the first episode of ‘Heirs.’ Because when I was on Viki earlier, I saw a drama advertised on the reel that said it was about a musical. From Venezuela. Titled “You and Me.”
I love me some musicals. And I love me some Spanish. So yeah, I watched it. I got maybe half an hour in before I realized that it was taking WAAAAY too long to watch. It was loading slowly just like DramaFever. So, I stopped watching, and will finish the first episode, EVENTUALLYYYYY!
But I DO have to say, I love the title song, “Somos Tu Y Yo (Together You and I)” T^T IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!
Watch the first musical number, which happens to be the theme song, here:

You can watch 13 episodes of the drama on Viki. Too bad the first season has 67 EPISODES IN THE FIRST SEASON,  and FUCKING 95 in the second. I’m going to be watching this telenovela forEVER! Aye, Dios mio! *slaps forehead dramatically.
There was a rumored third season to come out back in 2009, but no such luck. I hope they made the ending at least seem definite.
I FOUND IT WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES!!! On YouTube (Bless you, YouTube T^T bless you)
Watch it on Venevision‘s official YouTube channel!
Click here to watch the first episode (split into parts).
Visit their official website, and subscribe to them on their YouTube channel!

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