Insooni: The R&B Diva

  WOW! I should have looked more into her earlier! She’s fantastic! Insooni, or Kim In Soon, is a female soloist who started out in the 70’s in a group called the Hee Sisters.

  Since she is half African-American, however, she wasn’t too well received by the public. In fact, she never finished high school because she was so tired of the discrimination, and that’s when she took solace in music.

[Resim: 03bh.jpg]

  Insooni’s first solo album, “Special (As Ever, The Distance)” was released in March of 1988. She has released 18 albums throughout her 30 + year career. She is known as the R&B diva and is highly respected and considered one of the best female Korean singers. I just found this woman today, and I agree.

Believe it or not, these videos were a bitch to find. For a woman with such an extensive career, it was hard to find her work. I couldn’t even find audio for her debut album so that I could see what she sounded like in the 80’s (shakes fist at YouTube). So here are some more recent works from the 2000’s, possibly the 90’s, I’m not entirely sure on some of them.

Father (아버지)

Goodbye (Crime Squad OST)



Not to mention her latest music video, “Beautiful Girl,” which was shot in the subway as she sang to unsuspecting passengers and passersby on the street! This comes from her 18th studio album, “Umbrella” and is produced by Red Rocket.

Beautiful Girl

I can’t find a lot of her stuff on iTunes, but hey, at least she’s there. I WILL find those other albums *shakes fist ONE DAY!!!!

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