#where is the love 2016

The Black Eyed Peas re-released “Where Is The Love?” in the wake of all the violence happening around the world and in our own country (US). If you’re criticizing the beat, you’re missing the whole point.


So this day…in particular…was so amazing. I bet your wondering why, right? Keep reading.


I ended up going to a concert every day during KCON. My first one was also my first Illionaire concert. This is where I began to use ‘lit’ much too much.


So, KCONNY ended on the 25th. It’s been a few days, but that’s a personal thing. The good thing is, I feel better enough to tell you about it now!


Bảo Thy‘s latest music video has been released for her single, “I Love U,” which features a large portion of the song being sung in nearly flawless English. Yas


Rich Chigga is a 17 year old rapper that I found out about thanks to my friend Daphnee, who is also a lover of Korean hip-hop. However, this is not Korean. His real name is Brian Manuel. He’s from Indonesia, and started out as a web comedian in 2012. He began a YouTube channel releasing satirical songs […]


I started SnackFever as an experiment, and received two boxes, the August box and the September box. I didn’t review the August box on video because…camera shy. However, I put those feelings aside and filmed a small review for the September box, which was a YG box, which is why I kept the subscription.   […]


So, I haven’t done a reaction in awhile, but I decided to do one for BTS‘ latest release, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.” Lord, have mercy on my soul. I thought listening to BTS would be just another boyband, not another life ruining squad ;^; It’s colorful, symbolic, the dance is phenomenal, and….those were some mighty….hardcore […]


I cannot even I wrote the above several hours ago. Immediately after watching SHINee‘s latest music video for “1of1” for their latest album of the same name, I was flabbergasted. In awe of their awesomeness. Dumbstruck, if you will. SHINee is fucking lit, okay? Watch the music video below: iTunes Like SHINee? Facebook Website   […]