You know what’s not worth $10? The amount of therapy I’ll need convincing myself that I am in fact not high on drugs. I’ve never done drugs, but I assume it’s very much like watching one of HITCHHIKER‘s videos. This is his latest release, “$10” which, ironically enough, is less than $10 on iTunes. HITCHHIKER […]


It’s been a long year since I started school again. I haven’t blogged much, which has made me a bit sad, but I’m still trucking along, as you can see. Four years is a long time. Thanks for following me through everything. From my tiny ‘blog’ posts, if that’s what you could call them, to […]

I have now spent half a decade listening to K-Pop. Five years. It boggles my mind that it’s been that long. I’ve been a K-Pop fan since before EXO debuted. I remember when Heechul of Super Junior was still in the army. I remember when the only BIGBANG albums on iTunes was “Tonight” and their […]


Bảo Thy‘s latest music video has been released for her single, “I Love U,” which features a large portion of the song being sung in nearly flawless English. Yas


Rich Chigga is a 17 year old rapper that I found out about thanks to my friend Daphnee, who is also a lover of Korean hip-hop. However, this is not Korean. His real name is Brian Manuel. He’s from Indonesia, and started out as a web comedian in 2012. He began a YouTube channel releasing satirical songs […]