There is nothing that will make me weaker than an adorable female debut, just ask G-Friend. I also like sexy and confident, bombastic debuts, but that’s not the point. The point is, the female debuts of 2016!~ Let’s get started! BlackPink I really thought I would stan them harder, being a YG stan and all, […]

While it seems I haven’t been able to look and listen to new stuff as much as I’d have liked to this year, I did have a few rookies that caught my eye. BOYS24 “E” I watched this video while in Virginia with Leigh and Molly of Highlight:Asia, and we all agreed that the outfits […]

Pristin is Pledis‘ latest girl group, and they just debuted with “Wee Woo,” which is beyond boppable and my bias is already the girl that looks like she could be Xiumin of EXO‘s sister (ps, it’s Eunwoo). The song is super catchy, and a lot of the girls appeared in other Pledis music videos, along […]

C-ute has returned to slay my soul with their latest single, or singles, “To Tomorrow/ファイナルスコール (Final Squall)/The Curtain Rises.” Awhile ago, C-ute announced that they were disbanding this June. It’s still unreal, my first Japanese idol girl group. They’ve been around for 11 years. Enough with the sadness. Let’s move on to the music! “To […]

Dreamcatcher is a newer girl group. They debuted as MINX and then reformed and re-debuted as Dreamcatcher. They’ve been on a roll with covers, from Dal Shabet, to Maroon 5, and now SNSD! Earlier today actually, they released their official music video cover of SNSD’s “Into the New World.” They’ve done a great job, and […]

Romeo released their making-of video for their latest comeback, “Without U” this morning, and it’s as glorious and wonderful as you could imagine. Watch the video below:   As a bonus, don’t forget to check out their jacket making film either. The boys are obviously cold, seeing as how it’s still winter, but they push […]

So, I was going through my YouTube feed, and I was looking at G-Friend for some reason (probably because I’m trash), and I stumbled upon this video. Oh, I remember now. I was making it so that I could get notifications on all their videos. Because I’m trash. Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, I stumbled upon this video, which […]