There is nothing that will make me weaker than an adorable female debut, just ask G-Friend. I also like sexy and confident, bombastic debuts, but that’s not the point. The point is, the female debuts of 2016!~ Let’s get started! BlackPink I really thought I would stan them harder, being a YG stan and all, […]

While it seems I haven’t been able to look and listen to new stuff as much as I’d have liked to this year, I did have a few rookies that caught my eye. BOYS24 “E” I watched this video while in Virginia with Leigh and Molly of Highlight:Asia, and we all agreed that the outfits […]


If ‘boppable’ wasn’t a word, well it is now, as you’ll see in the dictionary I just invented. Next to ‘bopabble’ you’ll see a flawless photo of SES. Yas. After a long hiatus (well, disbandment really), kids and life, SES are back with their triple┬ásingles, “Remember,” “Paradise” and “Love [Story].”         “Remember” […]

This is my list of top 16, yeah don’t judge me. I couldn’t narrow it down by 1. It was hard, okay???? In no particular order: I.O.I “Very Very Very” BTS “Fire” SHINee “10f1” G-Friend “Navillera” SS301 “Pain” BIGBANG “FXXK IT” Eric Nam “Into You” (feat. KOLAJ) I had to use a fan video for […]

Recently, being yesterday (which was the 17th of November), I returned from my vacation down south, where my besties Leigh and Molly live. I got there last Wednesday. It was a very, very, VERY long trip there. I left Iowa around 1:15pm, and landed in Chicago around 12. after a couple of hours, I flew […]