There is nothing that will make me weaker than an adorable female debut, just ask G-Friend. I also like sexy and confident, bombastic debuts, but that’s not the point. The point is, the female debuts of 2016!~ Let’s get started! BlackPink I really thought I would stan them harder, being a YG stan and all, […]

While it seems I haven’t been able to look and listen to new stuff as much as I’d have liked to this year, I did have a few rookies that caught my eye. BOYS24 “E” I watched this video while in Virginia with Leigh and Molly of Highlight:Asia, and we all agreed that the outfits […]

MKIT Rain, aka Make It Rain are a label by Korean American rappers consisting of Bloo, Nafla, Loopy, Young West and Owen Ovadose. They’ve been pretty busy these past months, and I haven’t had time to fully appreciate their stuff, so here are some of my favorite videos from the label: Nafla “Foothill”   Loopy […]

So, let’s keep it short: school. Work. Adulting. PREPARING FOR KCON. Which is way early right? But KCON Mexico is around the corner, followed by KCON Japan, and before you know it, LA and NY will be here and I’ll be scrambling. But yeah, totes jelly that Mexico gets Red Velvet and Eric Nam /fizzles […]


If ‘boppable’ wasn’t a word, well it is now, as you’ll see in the dictionary I just invented. Next to ‘bopabble’ you’ll see a flawless photo of SES. Yas. After a long hiatus (well, disbandment really), kids and life, SES are back with their triple┬ásingles, “Remember,” “Paradise” and “Love [Story].”         “Remember” […]

This is my list of top 16, yeah don’t judge me. I couldn’t narrow it down by 1. It was hard, okay???? In no particular order: I.O.I “Very Very Very” BTS “Fire” SHINee “10f1” G-Friend “Navillera” SS301 “Pain” BIGBANG “FXXK IT” Eric Nam “Into You” (feat. KOLAJ) I had to use a fan video for […]