Random Music Monday: EE

A total wackjob, and brilliantly done.

The music video, to me at least, makes no sense, neither does the song, I looked the up the lyrics.

It’s just crazy, weird fun, and that’s the reason I like it. Lee Yun Joung and Lee Hyun Jung, aka EE [Total Art] released their single, “Dear Door” on March 13th, and it features three tracks which include the song, “Wiggy Dawn.”

Watch the music video here:


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Like EE?


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Throwback Thursday: Candy

I have tried time and again to refrain from doing this because this is usually the first artist EVERYONE pulls out of their ass when doing a Throwback Thursday segment.

But I can’t help it anymore.

H.O.T aka High Five of Teenagers were SM‘s first boy band, and the first idol group in 1996 when they debuted with “Candy” on their debut album, “We Hate All Kinds of Violence.”

They were formed after SM put out a poll asking what Korean teenagers wanted in their musical groups, thus was the formation of H.O.T and sister group S.E.S.

They went on to release four other albums until 2000, when the group split, leaving Tony, Jaewon and Woohyuk to form jtL with Yaejon Media. Heejun and Kangta were given lucrative contracts with SM as soloists.

To this day, Kangta is still with SM and is now a creative director as well as still pursuing solo and project activities.

Heejun is with KOEN Stars, and is still active with HSgR, but since Tony ran into legal trouble, they’ve held back on activities, though a comeback has been rumored.

Tony is under his own label, Tn Entertainment. He got into some gambling trouble in 2014,

Jaewon is currently with T.I Story and has released three albums, two in Korean and one in Chinese.

Last but not least is Woohyuk, who is currently with Seubyonji Entertainment and has released four albums. His most recent work was a single, “Weekend Night” released in 2011.

There have been many speculations about a H.O.T reunion, but it has not materialized as of yet.

I’m going to post my three most favorite music videos, as well as the music video that introduced me to them.

I found H.O.T on my own trying to find old BoA videos back in…2012. I had finished watching “Sara” and their music video “We Are The Future” had caught my eye.

Candy” was my jam in between classes in college, and was always my pick me up song when I was feeling down.

“Happiness” is also one of my favorite happy songs, and I much prefer the original to the SuJu remake, nothing against the boys however.

My last song is “Outside Castle” and Heejun SLAAAAYED. In that song. Kangta always slays, but Heejun is just UGHGHGHGHHG. The other guys are cool, but Kangta and Heejun are my H.O.T biases.





Shoutout to my mom, who I thought lost all my work. I spent half an hour writing this article and she exited out of it and I had a heart attack and almost cried.

Don’t worry, it was an accident. She’s still a little new with computers.

Thank you WP for actually saving my work this time.

Worldwide Wednesday: FROOT


Marina and the Diamonds just released their 3rd album, “FROOT,” and it’s AMAZING.

“FROOT” and “Blue” had me at hello, “Gold,” “Can’t Pin Me Down,” and “Savages” are all great, and anything I didn’t name is good, but it didn’t hit me in the feelz.

Watch the music video for “FROOT” here:


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J-Indie Picks 3.17.15

Ah, here we are again, late, but forgive me. Wifi problems. Again. Anyway..let’s get started, shall we?

Geek Sleep Sheep

Kaleidoscope” is from their second album, “Candy,” set for release on May 20th, 2015 (My birfday!).







Released their fourth single, “E” and apparently their music video had been taken hostage for a little while, but now we may view it in all its angsty glory.

The single was released with two other songs on the disc on February 18th!











Last but not least, is Helsinki Lambda Club with “Lost in the Supermarket,” which is angsty and fun.

The song is from their album, “olutta” which was released today!







That’s it for this week! Hopefully I’ll be on track next week to bring you some K-Indie! Here’s to hoping, have a nice day!

MFBTY’s ‘Bang Diggy Bang Bang’ SLAYS

I promised myself one more listen, and here I am, about eight…twelve or so listens later…still going. This song SLAAAAAYS.

Everything is on point, and there’s dancing and colorful powder, and pillow fights, beginning short monologue from Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK‘s son Jaden in the beginning, and Bizzy is great, as well as everyone else, as usual.

And the cameo from Rapmon of BTS was pretty funny.

This is their latest single, “Bang Diggy Bang Bang.”

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Well, it’s not out yet, so check out their first single on iTunes!








Source: 1theK


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