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Random Music Monday: Body Guard

Just goin around, looking for Thai pop when I bumped into a new video by these lovely ladies! Girl duo Niko Jump from Kamikaze have released their latest music video, … Continue reading

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Cheer! For 3.2.1’s Latest Single

3.2.1 have recently released their latest single, “Cheers!” which, if you’re not paying attention, sounds a little like “SHIT, SHIT SHIT!” Shit indeed, do these three get themeselves into some … Continue reading

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Morning Musume Rock My Night With ‘Tiki Bun’

Morning Musume have released a music video!Sure, all they do is dance in a warehouse, but this song is pretty catchy…on another note, wasn’t this warehouse recently used in a … Continue reading

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DIVA Releases Music Video For Last Single

DIVA, a sub unit of ever popular Japanese idol group, AKB48, are disbanding. This will be their final single, “Discovery,” to be released on October 8th. The B-Side, “Believe In … Continue reading

September 29, 2014 · 2 Comments

Jolin’s Ad Is Bomb!!!!!

Jolin Tsai‘s commercial jingle for “WE DANCING DX” (mobile game), “Phony Queen” is much like DDR, but the video is like DDR-meets-phone cosplay-meets-gameshow, and I LOVE IT! I didn’t see … Continue reading

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BTOB’s ‘You’re So Fly’…It’s Pretty Hilarious

So hilarious in fact, I watched it twice. Not for the song, but for the music video. The song is ho-hum until it gets to the ‘la-la-la-la-lalalalalalala‘ part, and Illhoon‘s … Continue reading

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TVXQ Work Wonders in New MV!

TVXQ have been quite busy in Japan as of late, and are making yet another comeback! This time, they have released the music video for their single, “Time Works Wonders,” … Continue reading

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Friday Flicks: Not Putting The Title, That Would Ruin Everything

And by that, I mean it’s a pretty…controversial title, for a controversial anime, which was made into a live action movie. I stumbled across this this past week while looking … Continue reading

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Da-iCE Audio For ‘Fight Back’ Album

Da-iCE are making yet another comeback! They’ve released two audio clips, “I Still Love You” and the title single, “Fight Back.” This is for their first full album, and it … Continue reading

September 27, 2014 · Leave a comment

Taetiseo’s ‘Holler’ MV

Well, I’ve missed yet another group’s comeback. Dammit. But Taetiseo recently came back with their second mini album and a music video for the lead single, “Holler.” I don’t know … Continue reading

September 26, 2014 · Leave a comment

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