K-Indie Picks 7.28.15

I realize it’s been months since I’ve covered indie, and it’s really shameful of me to neglect this segment. After all, it’s what set my schedule in motion.

So I’m going to make up with that today!

Yoo GnoShe’s Like A Butterfly

This is a feel good acoustic song with a simple yet lovely music video, and I really can’t get over the easy-going melody. It’s just a simply beautiful song.


Company: DH Play Entertainment



This is the band, 11:30 with their latest single, “Girl!” which is upbeat and wonderful for summertime. This is a fairly new band, but I think that they’re worth checking out.


Company: N/A





The last video on this list is a very sad, lonely video with a sad, lonely song, “The Promise,” by an artist who calls himself Sentimental Scenery. His voice is really lovely and I adore the song, so check him out!

Not in this video though, that’s not him. That’s just an actor. But do check out the video.

This is from his latest album, “11 Days.”


Company: Pastel Music

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Hope you enjoyed this week’s K-Indie Picks! Be sure to stick around for the next installment of J-Indie Picks!


Random Music Monday: Moon Shine

I was just on my regular stroll through YouTube when I spotted an oddly bright music video by a man named, Moon Shine.

Enticed by the odd name, I went in expecting something less than wonderful, but odd.

That however, is not what I received. It was funny, colorful, and the song was amazing!

Luckily, I’ve found his body of work on iTunes. I had to search in Korean and English to find everything, but I found it!

He debuted in January with “내가아니야” in January of this year as a single. It’s a beautiful piece of crap that’s going to ruin my life.


Next up is his second single, “Cliche,” which is a collaboration with rapper Giriboy.

It’s beautiful. Why must you ruin me in this way?


Last but not least is the lead single from his debut album, “Time 2 Shine,” which was released in May, “Wanna Be Loved By You,” featuring Dok2.

It’s wonderful, the music video is humorous, if not odd, and I love his pipes. They are wonderful.


Like these songs? Go here and here to get them on iTunes!

Like Moon Shine?


YNM Company YouTube

YNM Company Website

B2ST Beautifully Weird Mess ‘YeY’…Is What It Is

I love B2ST and all, but the music video for “YeY” required multiple views before I got the story.

They wake up weird ass places and poor Junhyung and Hyunseung‘s coordi-noonas obviously had it out for them with those dreads and macaroni hair, while they reminisce about the night before.

At their drunk party, where Gikwang got so wasted he had a dance battle in an alley and ripped his shirt off.

I went a little more in depth in an article on KMusic, which as my regular readers know, I am a part of. Check it out there once it hits!

For now, watch the music video here:


Like the song? Too bad! The album won’t be released until tomorrow!

Like B2ST?








Source: Official B2ST YouTube

Z.TAO’s Debut Music Video

So, amongst all the drama that is EXO, Tao, now going by Z.TAO has released his debut mini album of the same name and has also released a music video.

However, while I was looking stuff up, all I found was an official link to his Instagram.

There is also no sign of his mini album on iTunes, which is disappointing because I actually like the song in the music video.

I do think that leaving without being officially gone and then releasing an album is a dumb idea, because technically, he’s still an SM artist, I support his decision to leave.

SM is being childish, as always, and blocking his music video because, well, SM heads are douches and nobody from their company who are former artists can have any fame.

However, that’s not what this article is going to talk about.

If you’d like to listen to the mini album, first, here is the tracklist:

01. One Heart0:01
02. T.A.O3:41
03. Yesterday7:01

Here is the video with the album:


And here is the music video for “T.A.O”:


If it doesn’t show up on the website, click the link. There was a video on YouTube but when I went to embed it, it went private. So enjoy this video instead.


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