Juice=Juice Comeback With ‘Next Is You/It’s Not Just My Body That’s Grown Up’

Yay! I was wondering when Juice=Juice would have a comeback.

Two weeks ago Juice=Juice released the music video for the first song of the double single, “It’s Not Just My Body That’s Grown Up,” and six days ago they released “Next Is You” which is MA JAM!~

Those are the only two singles on the CD, and the single is set to be released on February 3rd.

Watch the music videos here:

You know the great thing about time zones? It’s already tomorrow in Japan :D You can pick up the single on US iTunes now (on pre-order)!

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Source: Juice=Juice YouTube (1) (2)

That One Chick From the Natthew Post

So in a previous article I told you guys I mistook Lydia‘s music video for another because of a similar background, well I went back to Natthew‘s Instagram and copied the link.


I cannot read Thai and I don’t really trust Google to translate, but the music video is from True Fantasia and the artist’s name in Thai is แอน ณัฏฐ์ณัชชา, and the song title is “ตบมะ.

iTunes says she is with Panther Entertainment Co, and the single was release on December 4th, 2015.

Watch the music video below:



Source: Natthew’s Instagram, True Fantasia YouTube

Lydia ‘Y.O.U’

Lydia is a Thai artist and this is her single, “Y.O.U” from 2009. This seems to be re-upload.

I was actually looking for a different song. Natthew, a Thai K-Pop artist had posted a video with a similar background on his Instagram, and I thought it might be that one.

But it’s not. But that’s okay, because this song is so much better. I had this song stuck in my head the other day.

All I know is that she debuted in 2005 and is with RS.

Watch the music video here:

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SweetYMotion Release ‘Амин охин’ on Official YT Channel

I can’t read or understand Mongolian, but girl group SweetYMotion has recently uploaded the music video for their 2010 single, “Амин охин (Amin Ohin)” from the album, “Emotion” and it’s awesome as fuck.

Also one of the girls is low-key Mongolian Mariah Carey my GOD sing it girl *snazzily snaps*

Watch the music video here:

Like the song? Luckily, I can confidently tell you that this song has BEEN on iTunes!

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Source: SweetYmotion YouTube

Bloomy Debut With ‘Blooming Day’

Bloomy is a four member girl group from DS Entertainment who just debuted today with their single (though the official site calls it a mini album), “Blooming Day.”

If you’ll remember, for a moment, DS Ent. are also home to AP6. This is their sister group, and whoa are the two acts totally different.

The girls are way cute, and both songs are bright and cheery, with “흥짓뿡” being the most upbeat of the two, while “Blooming Day” was more conservative and reminded me of a mix between SISTAR and Peach Girls.

You can listen to their song “Blooming Day” here:

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Source: Danal Entertainment YouTube

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