Random Music Monday: Han Groo

So it’s going to be one of those weeks again, and probably next week, where everything is topsy turvy and i end up sleeping all day. Today was more of a nap though, I stayed up from yesterday to 10 this morning so I could go to the post office and pick up some books.

Only to realize the set I ordered only had four books and the series had eight. Two trips to Amazon later, I’ve finished ordering my book set and am happy and waiting.


I found Han Groo forever ago, and yes, it took me this long to cover her music videos. Recently she acted in the drama, “Marriage over Love” in 2014, otherwise she’s been under the radar since her debut in 2011 as a musician.

However, she’s been in several dramas and variety shows as an actress.

Check out her music videos for “My Boy” and “Witch Girl.” “Witch Girl” is her single from the first mini album, “Groo One.”



Find her on iTunes!

JustaTee ‘Bâng Khuâng’ + 1st Album

He’s been active since 2011, but JustaTee only just released his first album in 2014 titled, “1st Album RnB.”

It features all of his previously released songs plus the new ballad, “Bâng Khuâng.”

Bâng Khuâng‘ means to feel a loss, or to feel empty. At least that’s how it was explained on YouTube.

In the music video actor Cường Seven is grieving the loss of his girlfriend, and by loss I assume she died.

The song was composed by JustaTee and produced by Touliver.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Download it from his Zingmp3 profile!

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Source: Space Speakers YouTube

Bảo Thy’s ‘Single Lady’

This is her most recent single, “Single Lady.” She’s done some OSTs since “Xin Anh Đừng Đến,” but otherwise I haven’t heard much from her.

I really like the song, and am glad there’s a dance version, since dancing is one of her strong suits.

Lol I just looked at the credits. Guess who arranged the song? Touliver. Nice. Very nice.

Watch the music video here:


Watch the dance version here:


Like the song, visit her Zingmp3 for a download!

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YouTube (2) (#2 is official personal)

Google+ (2)




Source: Bảo Thy YouTube (1) (2)

Khổng Tú Quỳnh’s ‘Đừng Cố Níu Kéo’

Khổng Tú Quỳnh recently released her single, “Đừng Cố Níu Kéo,” and it’s pretty badass. She’s not my favorite V-Pop singer, but this song definitely makes it to my list of favorites.

Check out the music video here:


Like the song? Pick it up on Zingmp3!

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Source: Yeah1 Music YouTube

Vũ Thảo My’s Self Titled Mini Album

i was randomly strolling through Zingmp3’s website when I found this gem <3

In 2013, Vũ Thảo My won the second season of “The Voice Vietnam,” under the wing of judge Dam Vinh Hung. She recently released her self-titled debut album, which features 5 tracks.

She went on hiatus for a year after releasing her debut single, “Giấc Mơ Thiên Đường,” featuring  Bùi Anh Tuấn.

I personally love “Walk Away” and “Một Ngày Khác,” and her debut single is BEAUTIFUL.

“Walk Away”


“Giấc Mơ Thiên Đường”


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ZingMp3 Profile which is where you can read her bio and download her songs!


Cường Seven’s ‘Put Your Hands Up’ Featuring Touliver

I have been so out of touch with Vietnamese pop these days. But, I made it just in time for Cường Seven‘s comeback with “Put Your Hands Up,” featuring Touliver.

Casting, executive production, directing and choreography were all done by Cường  Seven, while Touliver was the music producer and Rhymastic and JustaTee mixed and mastered the track.

This song and video are full of yes.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Well, it’s not out as of now, but when it is, visit his Zingmp3 page to download the single!

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Source: Cường Seven YouTube

Friday Flicks: CHEDCL

Why the acronym you wonder? Because I figured that “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!” was a pretty long title.


I ran across this anime through a meme on Facebook, and it reminded me of “Sailor Moon,” so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Yeah, I lost my shit. Oh my God, the first episode had me ROLLING in laughter. It’s hilarious.

Take “Sailor Moon” and the antics of “Ouran High School Host Club,” roll it up and you have “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!”

Not to mention that they have Sailor Moon-esque transformations, and their battle system is called ‘making love’…PPPPHHHHHTTTT!


I can see it now, my new favorite anime.

Watch it on Crunchyroll and Hulu!

Throwback Thursday: KARA

So, I wanted to know how far back ‘old school’ is considered nowadays. Apparently, its 2007. Well then. Why not start with one of my favorite girl groups, KARA?

They debuted in 2007 with “First Blooming,” and were the little sister group of Fin.K.L, who used to be one of Korea’s top girl groups next to S.E.S. But I digress.

They started out as a quartet with members Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, and Sung Hee, and debuted with an R&B image. However, their first album was not well received and Sung Hee left shortly afterwards for educational purposes.

Their first mini album was released in 2008 and titled, “Rock U,” Sung Hee was replaced by members Hara and Ji Young. This time around, they came back with a ‘natural beauty’ image, which helped them rise to fame.

Their first #1 hit came in 2009 with their single “Honey” from the repackage album of the same title for their 2008 mini album, “Pretty Girl.”

That same year, they released their second studio album, “Revolution” which birthed the song, “Mister,” with its ever-popular ‘butt dance,’ which raised their popularity even further.

The next year they made their Japanese debut with “Jumping,” and made it to the #1 female rookie spot on Oricon, the first foreign female group to do so and the first foreign female group to rank number one the week of release in 30 years.

They also made a Korean release, “Lupin,” which had a more mature image for the girl group.

In 2011, they released their album “Step,” which is when I heard of and fell in love with them.

In 2012 they released the mini album, “Pandora,” and the following year their 4th album, “Full Bloom,” which was the last album members Nicole and Ji Young participated in. They decided not to renew their contracts with DSP.

Nicole moved to the US to pursue a solo career, and Ji Young decided to pursue studies abroad.

In 2014, a reality show titled “KARA Project,” a new member was picked, Heo YoungJi (my cute lil bias <3) and later that year they released the mini album, “Day and Night,” which features their (in my opinion) fantastical comeback track, “Mamamia.”

Now for my favorite music videos! To be honest, I ADORED their debut music video, “Break It,” “Step” is a MUST, it was my first after all, followed by “Lupin,” “Wanna,” “Honey,” “Pretty Girl,” and then for their later releases, “Damaged Lady,” “Pandora” and of course, “Mamamia.”










Find KARA on iTunes!

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Random Happiness: Facial Cleanser Review [LACURA]

I lay in wait for my next Korean cosmetic haul, but while I’m at it, why not try an American cleanser? I had some bad experiences with American cosmetics before, so I was a bit hesitant.

The first time was in high school when I figured out I was allergic to a specific makeup brand. I was wearing it for my role in the school play, but my face swelled up and my eyes burned. So I had to bring my own make up from then on out.

Second time around was not too long ago when I bought some Freeman brand face masks and they BURNED. My skin broke out in a rash and it itched really bad.

Never again.

But, I figured I’d give this product the benefit of the doubt.

facial cleanser

I picked this up while grocery shopping at ALDI‘s, believe it or not.

LACURA Face Care Hydrating Facial Cleanser with Provitamin B5. It’s ‘mild and nurturing, with vitamin E and aloe vera, pH balanced, gentle and deep pore cleansing for all skin types.’

So I tried it. It smells like a shampoo I used to use, feels okay and my skin is soft, but not hydrated, and the feeling doesn’t last long.


3 out of 5 stars.

I’ll stick to my Skinfood scrub, thank you very much. Looks like another present for my sister.

Til next time!


S/Mileage…Oh Wait ANGERME Release ‘Late Bloomer’ MV

Yeah, that weird name change. Anyway, AngerMe Released the music video for their latest single, “Late Bloomer.” It’s super catchy.

I like how the music video looks like a group of friends got together to perform on a talent show stage. I think it’s cute.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Pre-order it on Amazon(J)! The single will be released on February 4th!

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Source: AngerMe YouTube



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