Throwback Thursday: Shinvi

Let’s go with something uplifting this week. Like Shinvi! These girls were from Cid.K Ent, a subsidary of SM Ent.

They debuted in 2002 with their album, “15 to 30.” After promotions for their album wrapped up, the girls disappeared from the K-Pop scene, and SM altogether.

As for the girls today, member Soojin has become a model.

Sang Eun has done some work with Moon Heejun on his debut solo album, performed as Sandy in “Grease,” and performed in the production of “Chorus Line” (both in Korea). She now goes by the stage name Nemo and is signed with M Boat. Her first single was a duet with BIGBANG‘s Daesung.

Yoona passed her bar exam in 2010 after finishing her studies in law. This wasn’t reported by the media until 2012, but Nemo (Sang Eun) took to Twitter and asked that Yoona be left alone to live a normal life.

Here are their music videos for “Darling” and “To My Friend.”


12 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been in a funk lately, and it’s not me. I’m a happy, bubbly, if not quiet person. I don’t like being sad, and it’s just throwing off my mojo.

So here are 12 things that make me happy!

#12 Coffee

Coffee is magical. And by magical I mean it makes me more awake and able to do things. Maybe not things I necessarily want to do, but things.

It’s also delicious

#11 Cooking

I began cooking when I was 11 because my mom worked three jobs and I became in charge of my siblings at that point. I like experimenting with new recipes and family favorites.

Like barbecued chicken, baked fish, mostly cakes and muffins though.

#10 Reading

I’ve been a bookworm all my life, and more-so in high school than any other time in my life. I have so many books, mostly because my mom bought them at garage sales or I bought them online because NOSTALGIA~

And they’re awesome so why not?

Transport me to 1800’s England, please. I don’t want to make cookies today.

#9 Watching stand up comedy

A huge part of my nights in high school/first year of college were spend on Comedy Central with comedians like Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias because, why not?

They’re funny as hell. To me, anyway. I also like the Blue Collar Comedy guys, Eddie Murphy, and Kevin Hart.

#8 Anime

It’s been there for me since the 90’s. Whether I’m sad, or there just happens to be a new episode on, it always manages to brighten my day.

Or scare the shit out of me.

Pokemon or Attack on Titan, anyone?

#7 Writing

I began writing as a kid, since I didn’t have a lot of friends. I created worlds and scenarios, but a lot of times it was poetry until I was around 8-9 when I was actually interested in making short stories and writing books.

A good portion of my middle school life was me writing a female version of Harry Potter called “Casey and Sarah.”

Which I never finished. I was working on the fifth book when I entered high school. I just kinda drifted off and lost interest.

However, I have been trying to get back into writing my fanfiction, and writing here always makes me happy.

#6 Videogames

Most notably, RPGs like Final Fantasy, Rhapsody, Legend of Mana, Kingdom Hearts, the Tales series, and a few lesser known titles and obscure finds from my local gaming shops.

Final Fantasy X-2 was the first game I finished all by myself, and I was VERY proud. I then played X and have all of the games from 1-12, then 13,13-2,13: Lightning Returns, and can’t wait until later this month when FF-0 and FF-15 come out ~squeals~

#5 My favorite Disney Movies

Beauty and the Beast is my most favorite Disney movie of all time, followed by Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, Mary Poppins, Lady and The Tramp, The Princess and The Frog, Aristocats, Pocahontas, Tarzan, Mulan and Oliver and Company.

Disney was my childhood, okay?

#4 EYK

I always seem to add them in a ‘happy list’ right? Well if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t love Korea as much as I do, let alone K-Pop.

I wouldn’t have nearly as many friends to share my love if I hadn’t come across their videos, and wouldn’t have decided on a life goal.

Thanks, Simon and Martina!

#3 Manga

I began reading manga when I was in middle school. My friend Josh lent me his Chobits series, and later gave them to me. I read anything, really as long as it catches my fancy.

My favorites are Chobits, Doll, Click (Korean Manhwa) and Midori Days.

#2 Bubz

Watching Bubzbeauty’s vlogs and beauty videos, whether its her favorite products or a certain ‘look,’ it always cheers me up. She has such a sweet disposition and a well, bubbly personality.

And come on. Tim’s hilarious, Isaac’s the cutest baby on YouTube and Chubbi and Domo are cute as buttons!

#1 Asian Pop

Asian pop, whether it’s J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop, V-Pop, etc, has made me happy. It’s the whole reason I started this blog, as an outlet for my love of it in hopes that I could share it with someone who wouldn’t ignore me or put me down when I got excited about it.

BoA, Jolin, Namie, my queens! 

SHINee, BIGBANG, SuJu, B2ST, 1TYM, you’ll always be my first loves

GG, 2NE1, KARA, 4Minute, you’ll always be ma ladies!

Nu’Est, EXID, EvoL, GFriend, you’re ma new bbys!

Vanness, Justa Tee, Bold, Jin Akanishi, you’re my favorite non-Korean soloists like EVER!

Kamijo, GACKT, Miyavi, The GazettE, Versailles, Jupiter, you rock my world!

WhoWHO, From The Airport, WYM, Fromm, Jung In, Clazziquai Project, Urban Zakapa, you’ll always be my go-to’s to make me feel better and soothe my nerves.

Outsider, Jinusean, 1TYM, MC Sniper, Illinit, Gilme, Tymee, Tasha, Tiger JK, Bizzy, you are my loves of hip hop, and are there for every time and every emotion.

Thank you


This has been my list of things that make me happy. What brings you happiness? Comment below or make your own post!

Worldwide Wednesday: Faith Hill

I can’t remember if I’ve told you guys this or not, but my mom wouldn’t let me listen to anything but country music for the first 6 years of my life.

So Faith Hill is another country artist that has a special place in my heart.

Today I’m showcasing two of my most favorite songs from here, “This Kiss” and “The Way You Love Me” were two of my favorite songs when I was a kid.

Ah~ the memories!



Like Faith Hill? Buy her stuff on iTunes!

K-Indie Picks 3.3.15

Well, here I am, on time again. Scary, isn’t it? Anyway, ready for some indie?

I procrastinated horribly by lying in bed doing nothing and then going to buy headbands and an Ethernet cable, but instead came back with chips and chocolate. Then I went to Pita Pit.

It was fucking delicious.

Also, I did not find the ethernet cable ;(

Anywho, enjoy this quick playlist:

NeuruStay With Me” Feat. Woosung Choi

It’s cute as hell



Naver Blog


Beaver “선명해(Feat. 라건)”

I actually wasn’t expecting much, but this song is pretty awesome.



Blank Crew Facebook


Last but not least, is MC SNIPER!!!! He recently made a comeback with Part 1 of “Shakespear In Love” featuring 몽니.





That’s it for this week, excuse me while I hate my job and live for my time in Cali. Time to go eat mango salsa chips.



/Cries/ Because Junsu Is Perfection

So my friend Stacey tagged me a video…which was XIA Junsu‘s latest comeback, “Flower” featuring Tablo…WHICH IS PERFECTION.

Watch the music video here:


I’m not so good with symbolism, but this YouTuber seems to be:

Basically, the song is about Xia selling his soul in order to become “enlightened” and immortal. The one-eyed demon (illumanti symbolism, anyone?) bargains with Xia into “ taking his hand” and in joining the dark side which can provide him with enlightenment, bliss and free him from his pain. Look into the lyrics and you’ll understand. He takes the bargain especially enticed by the innocent looking girl the one-eyed demon has transformed into. He then melt the creepy golden head, his prize, down to make a drink. Now what we see here is called the “elixir of life” which basically should gives Xia immortality. This is the Philosopher stone, a stone many alchemists believed can transform items into gold and once melted down – becomes the elixir of life.

He consumes it, and transforms, even his eye colour change. He joins the other side, as he changes into dark clothing with a dystopian, post-apocalyptic environment backdrop. Basically he joins those, that have also sold out as he’s basically agreed to “take the hand” of the one-eyed individual, the devil. In the next scene, he “wake up” and realises how the world, before actually taking the bargain- is deceptive, seen with how the food he was going to consume is now deformed. The drink has changed him and now he can truly “SEE”. Then we see Xia in another scene having achieved “enlightenment” by attaining knowledge and immortality – He basically becomes a god- judging by the heavenly backdrop and the gold costumes.” So basically, he doesn’t die – once selling out to the devil, he achieves perfection, gains enlightenment, immortality and becomes a god. Basically he blossomed like a flower once selling out to the devil– the name of Xia’s album.

Once you read the lyrics, you notice how Tablo is basically portraying the one-eyed demon and raps about how arrogant the world Xia world he lives in. He further raps about how once he accepts his bargain, he wont suffer anymore, will be reborn and how no one can take away anything from him once he joins him. While Xia sings about how he is surrounded by darkness and wants help and to leave.

-Jane Doe

What about you? What’s your interpretation? Comment below!

Like Junsu?



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Source: CJESJYJ Youtube


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