BoA ‘Kiss My Lips’ Hashtag Interview

I think the last time I watched one of these was when TVXQ made their comeback with ‘Something.’

I was so excited when I saw that BoA had done one. I have never seen any of her interviews.

In the interview she talks about the two new singles, ‘Kiss My Lips‘ and ‘Who Are You,’ as well as a dream of a world tour, be closer to the fans, and of course, how is it after 15 years?

Watch the answers to these and more! English subs are available by clicking the ‘cc’ button!

Watch “BoA 보아_Kiss My Lips_Image Teaser” on YouTube

BoA 보아_Kiss My Lips_Image Teaser:

I hath risen from the dead (well, the abyss that is not having Internet in my new home yet…oh yeah, Surprise! I moved) to tell you that MY QUEEN HATH RISEN!!!!

BoA will be releasing her latest upcoming single, “Kiss My Lips” which is the lead single for her 8th Korean studio album.

View the track list here:


The release date on the video says May 11th!


Throwback Thursday: Jinusean


/rolls into a ball/


/repeats forever/

And this is what its like for me to experience my first Jinusean comeback.

All you need to know is that if I fangirl one more moment I’m going to need an inhaler, so I’ll make this quick.

Jinusean is fucking awesome and debuted in 1997 with their album “Jinusean” and their debut single “Gasoline.” They made a huge hit with “Tell Me” featuring the Madonna of K-Pop and back then considered the Queen, Uhm Jung Hwa.

Now, after 11 years they’ve made a comeback with “Tell Me One More Time” featuring YG trainee Jang Hana.

And my feels are exploding ~EVERYWHERE~

Videos I’m going to list:



Phone Number

Tell Me (Live)

Tell Me Once More Time…it’s a throwback to…Tuesday…IT’S MY BLOG I’LL DO WHAT I WANT


/runs away/

/curls up into a ball/

/cries some more/


Like the songs? Buy all their crap on iTunes! Because now all their glorious crap is on iTunes!

Like Jinusean?




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