K-Indie Picks 7.29.14

Well, I’m tired. Sorry that this is it for today. I’m exhausted. Factory, as usual. Can’t wait for the weekend. Not because I have a date or anything…or the fact that come Friday it’s a week till I take off for California for KCON. But back to K-Indie matters.

Hip-hop. I have more than three videos! Hooray!

Watch the playlist here:


First up is Royal Class and Tae Woon, with “Blind.” It was mixed by Konquest and co-produced by Radio galaxy.



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M.O.B aka Movement of Billions have released the music video for their single, “Night.” MANDIP was the executive producer, did vocals, recorded the track at M.O.B studio, and mixed the track with SABA CROW. SC also produced, composed and arranged the track. KO-P and Darowin contributed to the vocals and lyrics. Soul Jay also contributed to vocals.

The music video was filmed at the Gangseo MATE Hotel.


Facebook (M.O.B)


Dawit has released his music video for “P.N.P” which also stands for “Push N’ Pull.” The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Brasco, with lyrics by Dawit.

The music video was directed and edited by Jungssang and LMNOP.





Next up on the list is REX.D with Phantom‘s Sanchez, with “Ordinary Love.” You don’t see Sanchez in the video, but REX.D is lip syncing his parts. The song was produced and recorded by Mr. Black of Romantic City.



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Last but not least is Huh In Chang with his comeback single, “Whatever” featuring C-luv and DJ It.





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Random Music Monday: Attack

Attack debuted in 2012 with “Plan B,” and came back in 2013 with “Hello Hello.”

The intro of the song, which is also a part of the chorus, sounds tremendously cheesy at first, but in one listen, its grown on me. The rest of the song is okay, but the chorus is pretty cool. The rap is ‘meh,’ but its not made a big deal out of anyway so I can forgive them.

I found them last week when I was searching for RMM then ^_^ hit two birds with one stone, or click, I should say.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes! That’s where I found it!

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JYJ Gonna Put You In The ‘Back Seat’

*heavy breathing


*fans self. Feel like I just ran a damn marathon my GOD I did not expect this many feels. JYJ have released the music video for their title single, “Back Seat,” and besides Mickey‘s terribly awkwardly phrased Engrish, the song was amazingly….eargasm. That’s all I can say. That song was an eargasm.

The music video however…I love you JYJ but I don’t know if I’d let you take me to a junk yard to do it in your backseat…I have standards and sanitation is one of them.

Their dancing though, all those hip thrusts…UMPH! Oh my goodness, do I even have ovaries left? You should watch the MV while I recuperate.

Watch the music video here:


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Source: CJESJYJ YouTube

HyunA’s Play on Words and Props in ‘Red’

So, many fans might be confused as to why the video of “Red” by 4Minute‘s HyunA has so many monkeys and bananas in it. Not the red of course, its the title of the song of course there’s gonna be red.

But what does it all mean? I’m gonna be straight with you, not gonna get all philosophical or whatever.

The chorus is a play on an old Korean children’s rhyme.

The rhyme goes:


“The monkey’s butt is red.
The thing that is red is an apple.
Apples are delicious.
The thing that is delicious is a banana.
Bananas are long.
The thing that is long is a train.
Trains are fast.
The thing that is fast is an airplane.
Airplanes are high.
That thing that is high is Baek Du Mountain.”  

But instead of ‘banana,’ they replace it with ‘HyunA’ and leave ‘delicious’ out, but those in Korea or who know the rhyme will have filled in that blank, and thus, a very clever sexual innuendo.

Bravo, Cube.

And that’s it.


BESTie Returns With ‘Hot Baby’

After all these sexy comebacks, we need a palate cleanser (I love you HyunA, but my feels need a break) BESTie bring that fresh breeze with “Hot Baby,” which, despite the name, is a cool sounding R&B track. It’s also the lead single to their first mini album!

The girls play around in casual outfits with flowers in their hair on a picnic. Very relaxing and fun, with an upbeat tempo. Way to go, ladies!

Watch the music video here:


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Daum Cafe






Source: YNB Ent YouTube

HyunA’s ‘Red’ Is Perfection

Oh, my goodness. HyunA, CAN YOU NOT? Her music video for her solo comeback “Red” just dropped and I swear, this is one of the best solo comebacks from idol groups that I’ve seen thus far this summer.

HyunA’s raps, are MAGNIFICENT! I’m not even exaggerating. Her sing-song rapping could use some work, but her straight up rapping is great.

The lyrics to her song are based on a children’s rhyme from Korea, which I shall go into more detail tomorrow, seeing as its late and I have to work.

I need sleep. HyunA eonnie, WHY WON’T YOU LET ME SLEEP????

The dance break is off the chain, though I do see a similarity with Katy Perry‘s “Black Horse,” the Egyptian-esque set and all. But other than that, oh my goodness!

This music video. This song yo. I can’t even.

Watch the music video here:


She does end up shirtless with a monkey at the end, but I question nothing. Not the monkeys and apes or giant bananas or lipstick. Nothing. Because I am tired, and compared to “Ice Cream,” this video is quite tame.

That is all.

The single will be dropped at a later time.






Source: 4Minute YouTube

A.KOR Release ‘Pay Day’ MV & I’m Very Disappointed

A.KOR, now three members with the addition of Ji Young. BUT the official Facebook page says there might be 5 0r 6 members, and the next member will be revealed in September. So I guess you could kinda sorta classify this as their sub-unit debut single seeing as how the group isn’t complete as of yet…?


The point is, A.KOR has been releasing dope mixtapes of hip hop and I was loving it. Was. Recognize how I used past tense? Yeah. See, I watched the music video for “Pay Day,” and I’m really disappointed.

I was really excited because i was like, ‘yes, a girl group like EvoL,’ maybe. EvoL came out strong with “We Are A Bit Different,” which was definitely hip hop with pop elements, seeing as how they are an idol group (now they’ve more or less become a pop group, but you see where I’m going with this?). But this was straight up pop. Yes, their rapping is good, but this isn’t hip hop.

I consider Tasha and Gilme hip hop. Tymee and Jolly V are hip hop. This is K-Pop with rap parts thrown in.

This kind of marketing just irks me cuz everything seemed so straight and solid at first, and now I’m really disappointed. Korea HAS real rappers: Tash, Gilme, Tymee, Jolly V, Outsider, Illinit, MC Sniper, the list goes on. I could go on for hours honestly, but the point is, they shouldn’t advertise a hip hop group if they are going to pull a pop song out their asses.

I’m sorry, I’m just so disappointed. I had such high hopes for this group, and it’s LU:KUS all over again!

The song is okay as a K-Pop song, but it is NOT hip hop. I hope their next single is better. I assume the preview at the end is for the next single.

Watch the music video here:


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Source: republic doo YouTube

Tiny G: Just a Random Post

So I was looking for A.KOR stuff, and found out that Tiny G has an official YouTube -_-

The video that was playing was member J.Min‘s cover of Jessie J‘s “Nobody’s Perfect,” and it’s PERFECTION~

Check it out here:


Also you should check out their latest comeback, “Ice Baby” here:


So…I’ve been WAAAAY out of the loop. Maknae Myungji left to pursue an acting career, apparently. But on the other hand, I’m kinda glad they didn’t replace her. This song sounds fantastic with just the three of them.

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Worst K-Pop Songs Chosen By YOU Followers

Alright, so remember my Top 12 Worst K-Pop Songs list? I finally remembered to make yours! Now remember: YOU GUYS voted for these. It’s not a ‘top 12,’ but it’s what you guys submitted.

These videos are listed in no particular order

#1 Crayon Pop‘s “Bar Bar Bar


#2 AOA‘s “Mini Skirt


#3 Boys Repulic‘s “Video Game


Someone had put Topp Dogg in this request, and I was thrown off. I’m a ToppClass, and I’ve never heard of the song. That’s because it’s from Boys Republic, whom I’ve listened to maybe once.

They also mentioned the live performance from “Music Bank,” which is why there is a live performance instead of a music video.


#4 2PM‘s “10 Out of 10


#5 MBLAQOh Yeah


#6 BESTie‘s “Thank You Very Much


And last but not least…

#7 EXO’s “Wolf


If you didn’t vote, you can still voice your opinion! What is YOUR worst K-Pop song? Comment below!

PASSPO☆ Release PV For ‘Sunflower’

Girl group PASSPO☆ have released their latest music video for their new single, “Sunflower.” The girls perform in cute outfits onstage, with shots of them playing instruments and hanging out show up intermittently.

The single will be physically released on August 20th!

Watch the music video here:


The single has been released digitally on iTunes(J)!











Source: UMJ YouTube