Throwback Thursday: Jinusean


/rolls into a ball/


/repeats forever/

And this is what its like for me to experience my first Jinusean comeback.

All you need to know is that if I fangirl one more moment I’m going to need an inhaler, so I’ll make this quick.

Jinusean is fucking awesome and debuted in 1997 with their album “Jinusean” and their debut single “Gasoline.” They made a huge hit with “Tell Me” featuring the Madonna of K-Pop and back then considered the Queen, Uhm Jung Hwa.

Now, after 11 years they’ve made a comeback with “Tell Me One More Time” featuring YG trainee Jang Hana.

And my feels are exploding ~EVERYWHERE~

Videos I’m going to list:



Phone Number

Tell Me (Live)

Tell Me Once More Time…it’s a throwback to…Tuesday…IT’S MY BLOG I’LL DO WHAT I WANT


/runs away/

/curls up into a ball/

/cries some more/


Like the songs? Buy all their crap on iTunes! Because now all their glorious crap is on iTunes!

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Friday Flicks: Blood

This is a drama that I’ve been meaning to watch. It has Gu Hye Sun in it, of course I’m going to watching…EVENTUALLY!

I’ve been holding off because I know that once I start a drama, it consumes my life. I remember the 5-8 hour binges of “Birth of a Beauty” until I got caught up near the end.


Glorious, but terrible. So I’ve been holding off since I’m so busy recently.

BUT, I WILL watch it. But I’m gonna have to binge watch, because it’s 20 episodes and episode 16 is already out.

Title: Blood

Country of Origin: South Korea

Year: 2015

Genre: Romantic Medical Melodrama

Synopsis: Park Ji Sang (Ahn Jae Hyun) is no mere surgeon at the nation’s top oncological center: in fact, he’s a vampire. Under the watchful eye of hospital director Lee Jae Yook (Ji Jin Hee), Ji Sang manages to stave off his bloodlust, especially when his patients are at their most vulnerable. But when the beautiful surgeon Yoo Ri Ta (Gu Hye Sun) joins the team, Ji Sang discovers a slow-burning desire that could put his whole world at stake. Could there be more than hunger coursing through his veins — perhaps, love?

Watch “Blood” on Dramafever!

SNSD Slay With ‘Catch Me If You Can’

I like the direction GG is taking. However, whoever blocked it in the US on their Vevo channel, which is the US’s LOEN/1theK/CJ&EM…fuck yourself in the butt with a spear.

You dick.

So who’s sacrificing the goat? Me and my friends have it laid out:

Plan A: Wait for a really kind Japanese SONE to upload it

Plan B hope and pray and sacrifice a goat to SM in hopes that they upload it to SMTOWN

Any volunteers?

In all seriousness, we were discussing this and the subject of Jessica came up. Now while we are heartbroken (two of us at least [including me] are hardcore SONEs) that Jessica is no longer with the group, we were amazed at the line distribution and lack of a long powerful note, which we all agreed, wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I wish Jessica all the happiness in the world and good luck in all her endeavors, but GG is missing none of their charm or charisma as a group without her.

Besides, my princess Hyoyeon got a lot of lines <3 <3 <3

And there goes Sunny, trying to ruin my bias list again.


Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, the song was FANTABULOUS and the dancing was OFF THE CHIZ-AIN! And everything (but the dubstep) was just UGH! PERFECTION!

And this isn’t even their title song.

Happy early birthday…TO ME! They’re making a comeback so that just intensifies my birthday month.

/all the yes/

Watch the music video here:


The song was said to be released today (the Korean version at least) and the Japanese version will be released on the 22nd!

Like GG?









Source: SMTOWN YouTube

The Ark Debut With ‘The Light’

Well that made me sad and made me feel emotions that were unnecessary.

The Ark is a girl group from Music K Entertainment, and they just debuted with their single, “The Light.”

I’m not going to spoil the music video, just watch as it goes from happy to angsty to happy to sad to still sad to hopeful.

Not to mention the song is beautiful~

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Pick it up on iTunes!

Like The Ark?








Source: The Ark YouTube

Throwback Thursday: Cats

I found these ladies while looking up another group for a Kmusic article, and I have to say, I’m impressed with their vocal power. They’re not bad dancers either.

The only problem is, after the first album, they dropped off the face of the planet.

Cats debuted in 2007 under Rose Entertainment and were pegged as the second generation to The Red. At the time, their biggest rivals were KARA and Baby V.O.X Re.V.

They released their debut (and only) album, “Cats” released in February of that year.

The group is named after the famous Broadway musical, because the girls showed outstanding vocal and dance capabilities live in their mall auditions.

Their main single, “Little Cats” was released first, followed by “Handsome Boy.”

After that, they fell off the radar and were assumed to have disbanded.

So here’s what I found on the members as to what they’ve been doing since the disbandment:

Kim Ji Hye – was on “Mystery Special Forces” in 2008 and the next year appeared on “Danyeoogessseumnida” Season 1

Han Soo Yoo – Nada. Zip. Zilch. There was nothing found

Park Su Jeong – (known as Chae Soo Ah while in the group) is also now a model and actress. A year before her group debuted, she was featured on “Aeiou” by G.MASTA on the album “G-Masta Memory of G.”

She acted in a few dramas, supposedly “Queen of Reversals” in 2010, but I can’t find her real or stage name anywhere on wiki; and “Roller Coaster Plus Date Big Bang” that same year.

Soon Shim – is now a singer in Japan, and the last thing that was listed was that she collaborated on “Summer Love” by Oh Song on “Yeoreuma Butakhae” in 2008.

Enjoy their two music videos here:


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