My Journey To KCON: Day 2 in Cali (Day 1 of KCON) [Draft-Missing Deets and Photos]

So I woke up about 6 or 7, I was really psyched for the day. It took a while for us to get ready, but we got our complimentary coffee/tea and muffin, and piled into Alona’s car. With our stuff.

We had a problem with the hotel, and were promised that it would be fixed when we got back, as well as getting a new room.

So we headed to KCON. After searching for a parking spot, an attendant was nice enough to show us a place to park. We had been going in circles for what seemed like forever. Two out of the four of us had press passes, but we ran into some trouble with parking anyway.

Once me and my friend without a press pass had made it into the convention, we waited for the others, and once they had to go into their press conferences and everything, we walked around.

I don’t speak much Korean, but my friend worked for a Korean company for a little while, and we made our way around a couple booths, and let me tell you, as little Korean as I speak, I spoke more Korean in those two days than I have eveeeer.

While we were in the booths, we got some free samples, and the second day is actually when we did more shopping. I DID buy some cream from one of the stalls the first day though, it was the honey comb ice cream (see this EYK vid) and some of the most delicious chicken wings I’ve ever tasted.

honey comb ice cream + garlic chicken wing

honey comb ice cream + garlic chicken wing

I also won a KCON mug, and dry shampoo. I also have a tub of gochujang, but that’s in Cali. I have to wait for that to be sent.

Anyway, I saw the set list for the outside performances, and lo and behold…Jhameel.


I love Jhameel and made it very clear to my friend that was with me that we HAD to see his performance because he was an amazing singer and I loved him so much. After playing around and exploring the convention area, getting our goodie bags, I had a short meetup with some of the USNasties that had made it, etc, we finally made it to the stage.

He was in the middle of a song when we got there, but we stayed for a good 20 minutes or so. My friend got into a dance battle with one of the crews that had come there, but she expressed her wishes for me not to post it. But, let it be known, I DO have the awesome footage. And she IS a very good dancer.

So we made our way to the front-ish, and we were cheering and screaming, and singing along after a while, and he pointed and smiled at us! EEEEP~ Our group even has a song now: “Collision.”

Listen to the gloriousness that is our song:


Though we do really like “Feisty” too, which he also played before we left. I HAD footage, but my iPod ate it T^T I have no idea how it happened, but it’s gone forever. Though…well, that’s for the next post.

Anyway, after that, we left mid-performance of a song so that we could get our seats into the concert. On our way, My friend pointed something out to me, and I about crapped my pants.


Nope, it was a model for a hair salon, who looked VERY MUCH like G-Dragon. They called him T-Dragon, on account that his real name is Tim. He’s such a sweetheart you guise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, we made our way into the part where we go into the venue, and my friend saw a YouTuber that she really liked and wanted to get a picture. We then proceeded to take pictures with the cardboard cutouts of BTS and G-Dragon.

megd gdme


When we got in there, it was pretty hot, and packed. My friend Alona let me borrow her light stick, and we spent the night fangirling over VIXX, B1A4, IU, Teen Top and G-Dragon of course!

And Danny Im. My little fangirl heart couldn’t take all my YG feels. I sang along (terribly, might I add) to G-Dragon, and to some of everyone else, since I listen to everyone that played that night. But G-Dragon, VIXX and Danny Im were HUGE for me. I’ve loved VIXX since their debut, and GD and Danny of 1TYM are both soooooo awesome.

So after the concert, we went straight to our hotel. We fangirled over Jhameel, and talked, and fangirled. And that’s when I discovered that my Jhameel footage was gone forever. T^T Good thing I was staying two days, huh?

We hung out with Chad Future, David, again. We wanted to see SPICA, but just as we got there, it turns out they performed like 2 songs and left. They were going to do a fan signing too, but they cancelled that. Here’s a pic we took:


That was Day 2 of Cali, Day 1 of KCON. I’m sure I’m missing details, but it was a very eventful day.


Other random photos from my first day of KCON:

fan art my tat signing


BoA Celebrates 14th Year Since Debut

BoA, Queen of K-Pop, is on the verge of making her Japanese comeback with her first full length album in 4 years. Not to mention, recently she celebrated her 14th year since debut!

Her latest Korean activity was her single, “Disturbance,” featuring SHINee member Taemin in the music video, she starred in the movie “Make Your Move” with Derek Hough, Released several Japanese singles, “Tail of Hope,” “Shout It Out,” “Call My Name/Message.” Her latest release, “Masayume Chasing” is the theme song to the ever popular anime, “Fairy Tail.”

She debuted in 2000 with “ID;Peace B,” and in 2002, she debuted in Japan with “Listen To My Heart.” She was the first Korean artist to break through the trading barrier that had restricted export/import of pop culture between the two countries since WWII.

She’s sung in Mandarin, Japanese, and English besides her native Korean. Besides her long career in Korea and Japan, she made a foray into the US market in 2009 with her English debut, “BoA” with her hits “I Did It For Love,” “Energetic” and “Eat You Up.”

From 13 to 27, Korea to Japan to the US, BoA is known as the Queen of K-Pop, and always makes a strong comeback.

Her upcoming comeback is Japanese, and titled, “Who’s Back?” The album is set to release on September 3rd.

Let’s take a look at her career:

















(“Shout It Out” Not Available In US)





You can buy the majority of her works on iTunes!

I am a kawaii potato

MY ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here is my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was challenged by my fellow Kmusic editor Laura, and I nominated Andoni Flores of Cannibal Heart, Misook of Look and Listen, and my fellow USNasties admins.

[Photo above is me post-challenge. I am a kawaii potato]

Watch the video below:


For more information and donation options, visit

how much

Wheesung & Bumkey Feat. Lucky J

YMC has done it again, frazzling my feelz with yet another Wheesung collab. Wheesung is joined by Bumkey and Lucky J in “How Much Is Your Love?” The imagery is captivating, the execution of the video and song is flawless, and I can’t stop gushing about it.

It’s just lovely.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!





Source: YMC YouTube


Kemmy’s ‘I’ll Fly’

Kemmy released a solo music video for her single, “I’ll Fly,” which is an ‘I am the best’ kind of track. There’s a million out there. Including 2NE1‘s…which is better…

That ain’t even me hatin Kemmy for the Bom thing, though that was loooooow. But the song lacks any sort of oomph! and the beat is just so generic. I wanted to give her a chance because hey, I love Jolly V and she dissed my Tymee eonnie.

But this sucks. Plain and simple.

Watch the video here:


I thought about totally ignoring her, or not even posting the SNS links to her group, but her group doesn’t deserve all the hate just because Kemmy made a bad decision.

Like A.KOR?








Source: republic doo YouTube

oc copycat

Orange Caramel’s ‘CopyCat’ Is All Kinds of Fantastic

Why? Because the song is catchy as hell, and WHOA! Is this an original concept or what? It’s a Find It meets Where’s Waldo? It’s absolutely glorious~ This is the 4th single of the sub unit of After School, Orange Caramel.

As a fun promotional activity, Pledis has made a contest! Find out how after you watch the music video.

Watch the music video here:


Contest Rules: 

Main theme of Orange Caramel “My Copycat” is “Find Orange Caramel.
Season 2 that you were waiting for long time is “Find hidden Orange Caramel + Find differences of Orange Caramel” !!!

Mission 1 ” Find the differences in both pictures!”

Find the number of differences in both pictures which states on the top!
Do not think this is an easy task!! It’s getting harder :)!
Stage which states “???” means you have to find how many differences between both pictures!
Let’s find out!!

Mission 2 “Find hidden Orange Caramel!”

Orange Caramel is hiding in this Music video. Please Note there is a huge difference between Level 1!
No other hints are necessary right? :0

Mission 3 “Mr.Cho” Find hidden Sae Ho Cho “

Sae Ho Cho is hiding as a special cameo role in this Music Video!
Where is he hiding?
Not only “Sae Ho Cho”, There are two more PLEDIS artists are hiding in this Music Video!
Please take a careful look on people who are wearing clothes of “Wally”!!

Level of Season 2 is harder than before!
We are sure that there are so many points that you have to find in this Music video!
You may not find those in JUST once. But you have to try!
If you find all the answers than it’s MISSION COMPLETE!!

Oh! there are some points you have to take care about!
That’s because~~

—>People who found all of the missions, please send us the answer to
“” !<—
We choose people who sent us answer and we will send you a CD with Orange Caramel’s signatures and Sketchers shoes ‘golden panda’ which Orange Caramel is wearing
in this Music Video!

It might be more helpful to you if you only know the answer by yourself to get surprise right?
Please do not take over other people’s fun of finding differences!

People who are chosen will be announced on 1st of September.
So please send us the answer until 31st of August!

Finding hidden Orange Caramel will be continued during this promotion!
Coming Soooooooooon!! :)


Will you be participating? Only a week left!

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes. And oh my goodness, buy the B-Side song, “Gangnam Ave” because it rocks my socks, ok? It really does. Just do it. Buy them both. DO IIIITT!

Like Orange Caramel? Well…here are their (and AS) Japanese plug ins.




OC Website





Source: Pledis Official Channel YouTube


bts danger

BTS’s Danger: I Know I’m Late On This, Shush You

Totally late indeed. This came out around the same time as Taemin‘s “Danger,” and I can’t believe I missed it.

/breathes heavily/

Fuuuuck. I didn’t expect to like this so much…this is what I get for watching BTS live. Little shits. ruining my bias list

/Block B and B.A.P watch from the shadows/ shhh shhh oppas, they won’t disrupt your spots on my bias list

I hope.

This song is sooooo dope. The whole aesthetic of the song reminds me of late 90’s early 2000’s, There’s no dubstep, which just perfects this perfect song. The music video is whatever, but the song totally makes up for it.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? This is from their 1st full length album, “Dark&Wild.” The album is available on iTunes!

Like BTS?








Source: BTS YouTube

friday flics

Friday Flicks: Meteor Garden

As a K-Drama fan, we all should have seen, or at least HEARD of the world-wide phenomenon, “Boys Over Flowers” (꽃보다 남자). However, this is not the first TV version of the famous manga, let alone the first live-action drama adaptation.

Japan has 3 versions: anime, live action film, live action series with 2 seasons, and a film to finish the series. Korea one, China one (and technically a rip off, since they never procured the licence to make the series), America one (and unfinished, might I add).

Taiwan was the first to film a live action drama series, starring F4, aka JVKV, Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Zhou. The lead actress was Barbie Hsu, and co starred Rainie Yang. It came out in 2001 with the first season, and the second season aired in 2002.  Oh also, in between there, there’s a mini series, “Meteor Rain,” but Vic is absent due to other activities at the time.

The series was called “Meteor Garden.” It’s very long, and I am emotionally traumatized and over-flowing with feelz.

The first season is very thrilling, fast paced, I laughed, I cried, I loved it. There are 27 episodes

Second season…I’m still not finished. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME, THIS SHIT IS TORTURE! And by ‘shit’ I mean the amnesia and Yesha. Fucking shit y’all, it just don’t end.

I haven’t seen “Meteor Rain.” I was going to watch it in between the two main seasons, but got over excited. I somewhat regret my decision. There are 3 episodes.

The second series is primarily made up of Dao Ming Si‘s (Gu Jun Pyo/Domyouji) amnesia and romance with Yesha, who, in the Korean version, disappears after like 2-3 episodes.

I am on episode 19…of 31.

If you would like to watch this series, as I have stated in previous articles about my love-hate relationship with this show, you may watch it with English subs via Jane M on YouTube.

Viki is starting to upload episodes, but haven’t quite got the whole series up yet.

Watch part 1-5 of the first episode here:


BIGBANG Twerkin…Damn

Oh…my gawd. My friend Samira brought this video up. I’ve never seen it, but…my oppas twerking? I had to see this.

…THEY SUCK, SOOOOOOO BAD. OMG You don’t even know. Taeyang is the closest. G-Dragon‘s jeans so tight he couldn’t twerk even if he wasn’t being peer pressured into doing it. And Seungri…my dear sweet panda…you can’t twerk my dear, but V.I.P‘s appreciate the effort.

Watch the video and lose your shit here:


Here is the original video that Samira showed us:


I…just can’t…./laughs my ass off/

throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday: Bounce

Okay, so I remembered this group for some reason, and I couldn’t think of it, until specifically right now. Member Woogyun was in MooGaDang. With Phryme, Eun Joo and Baek Kyoung <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m not excited that I found this at all.

Well, all I know is that they debuted in 2004, with “Bounce,” and the one music video I found of theirs was “Stalking.” It’s pretty catchy. They released a few more albums, the last one was in 2011 with “Ibiza Nightlife.”

Watch the music video here:


I’m sorry this is all I could find. Rather disappointed, because I was really excited about finding this. Hope you enjoyed it though!